Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beating Myself For A Stupid Mistake

After talking to a Mobile Repair guy at the last campsite, I tested using the air conditioner with everything shut off but the refrigerator.  It worked.  The circuit breaker didn’t overheat and the a/c ran for a good long time cooling us down quite nicely.

Yesterday we pulled into the Anvil Campground and it was in the nineties with high humidity so Mia asked if she could run the a/c.  I said yes and it performed nicely to cool the trailer down after a long day traveling in the sun.  We don’t over use it when we do use it so we turned it off and made sure all the windows and vents were open.  There was a slight breeze and it wasn’t too bad.

Later in the evening it got pretty stuffy so we turned it on again to bring the temperature down.  It worked great and I felt that perhaps we had solved the issues.  Basically I was told by the Mobile Repair guy to run everything on propane that can be run on propane so you don’t overload the circuit.  We had found by doing that everything seemed okay.

Well leave it to me to screw something up.  After plugging in all my technology to charge for the night, I switched on the a/c and went to bed.  It didn’t take ten minutes for the circuit breaker to pop….for the last time.  We have tried, at different points thru the night and this morning to reset the circuit breaker but it has died for the last time.  Why?

After wondering what was different this time from all the rest it was discovered that Ken must have turned on the electric water heater while plugging in the technology for the overnight charge.  So I managed to screw everything up as we are now sitting here with no electricity to run fans or the microwave.  While I have a generator with me, running it in a private park is not usually allowed and it isn’t big enough to run the a/c anyway.

There you have it.  Not sure what we will do now.  Last night was terrible with the heat and very little breeze.  Might see if we can find a hotel tonight and look for someone to see if  we can get it fixed in the next couple of days.  

I have been beating myself up all night over this stupid mistake.  I really knew better.

Long and short, if you don’t see a blog for a few days…technology has died.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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