Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Man's Garbage

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

Over the years, Harold and Nancy LeMay collected the largest private collection of cars, motorcycles, trucks, other wheeled vehicles and related items in the world.  At one point, the LeMay collection numbered in excess of 3,00 vehicles and hundreds of related items and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 1998 a they formed a 501c3 charitable organization and committed themselves to donating the collection to a museum founded under LeMay - America's Car Museum.   After years of hard work by the organization a plan was put together, property was purchased and the LeMay Museum was approved by the board of directors November 4, 2003.  In June of 2012 the Museum opened in Tacoma, Washington located next to the Tacoma Dome just off I-5.

Zach and I plan to visit the museum this coming Saturday.  Hope to have more for you with pictures.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Business In Town

Sunday morning during our weekly shopping trips we went to our local pet store to get goodies for Honey.  Usually when we pull in the parking lot we are able to find a place to park with very little difficulty.  This morning we we pulled in and stopped.  The lot was full and people were driving around looking for a place to park.  We finally found a spot.  The commotion was a new business in town.
After arriving
Inside the Store


An hour to check out
We didn't see anything we could not live without so we left.


The diagnosis for what was causing all my leg pain is Osteoarthritis.  This type of arthritis can flare up at any time and go away just as fast.  I had some very severe pain days during the month long flare up.  Some were not as bad as others.  As the appointment approach it stopped.

Last Sunday going into Monday I had one of the most severe pain days.  My leg hurt so bad Sunday night that I could not sleep.  I went to work and came home hobbled up.  It carried into Tuesday with a lower degree of pain.  Wednesday was a low pain day but this had happened before, earlier in the month and I was expecting another flare up Thursday.  I woke up to nearly no pain on Thursday and had one of my best days in a month.  I went into the doctor office on Friday morning with no pain but some slight stinging when I would bend the knee tight.

The doctor, using the earlier x ray, MRI and my description of the symptoms came to the conclusion that I have Osteoarthritis.  He told me that it could flare up at any time.  In fact the next time it flares up I am to call the nurse and make arrangements to come in immediately for an injection.  I have had injections to the knee before and it isn't fun but he says if it is Osteoarthritis I can expect instant relief.  So I'll look at as an opportunity to confirm the diagnosis.

I hope the doctor is right.  I feel really good right now with zero pain.  Attitude is much improved.

I Can Be An Idiot.

Mia's brother Brian and friend Arden invited us to his house for a Saturday afternoon walk on the beach and dinner on the deck of their house.

They live above Puget Sound with a beautiful home that has some great views of the water as well as the surrounding area and the Olympics on a clear day.

I knew we were supposed to go on Saturday.  Somehow with all the issues I had been facing this past month I got confused and accidentally scheduled myself to work Saturday.  Talk about an idiot.

So I went to work and my grandson Zach filled my shoes and escorted Mia to the affair in my place.  He did an excellent job and I was very proud of him.

When I got off work I went over and walked down to the house.  From the garage on the street it is about 1/8 of mile down hill to the house.  It is steep and not without hazards.  I succeeded in making the trip down and found my son, his wife Emily and son James, Mia and Zach all sitting around enjoying the view with a rip roaring fire going in the outside fireplace and dinner close to ready to serve.  We had a great salmon dinner with salads and a lemon cake.  Great times with the family.  I got to play with James and he was being really good to me.

I have a very long week ahead of me.  Have a great week.

RV verses Boat

Are you ready for this one?  Over the years Mia and I have had several boats and RV's.  Mia doesn't do well on the water.  Something about the horizon line, motion and her stomach.  Suffice it to say, that the years boats have become a not discussion point with us.  But I got to thinking about boats and RV's.  What kind of bang for your buck do you get in a boat verses and RV.  This called for some research.  To make it easy to understand I am going to stick with what I know and the size that would fit me and my pocket book.
As most of you know, we purchased a new 2011 Nash 25S trailer at the beginning of 2011.  I am thinking you would need something like the Sea Ray 260 Sundancer to compare with.  The Nash is 26' 11" and has a dry weight of 5050 lbs while the Sea Ray is 26' 7"weighing in at 6950 lbs dry.

2012 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer for sale | Lewisville, TX 

The above link will provide you with some amazing pictures of a 2012 260 that will sell new for between 100 and 140k with no trailer.  Keep in mind that we got our Nash for less that 25k.

Now consider that the boat doesn't come with a trailer.  I can always put my trailer on a ferry and be on the water anytime.  Most boat owners won't put their boats on a trailer and travel around the country staying in RV parks.  I have a ton more storage in the trailer and I believe it is more convenient for those traveling with me.  I can get up and to somewhere to read or write the blog and not disturb them.  In the Sea Ray you don't have enough room to get away plus you are constantly moving bedding pads in an effort to have a dinning  or sleeping area.

While the elements will mess with the trailer they are nothing compared to what happens to the boat especially if it is in salt water.  If you haven't seen the results of three or four years in the salt water you should take a look at an older boat.  It is amazing how fast stuff builds up.

We have solar power in addition to propane.  Looking at the Sea Ray, I don't see any alternate power source and the stove and refrigerator are much smaller than most trailers.  They both have the same issues when it comes to condensation.  They have it.  In fact if you have ever spent any time in a boat, overnight, on the water then you understand what I mean when I say damp.

So I will take the trailer any day, what to you think.