Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Is This

I was up early and ready to go and I had no place to go.  I have a day off.  This might be the last one for some time to come but I have today and I plan to enjoy it.  Unfortunately for me, Mia has to work and she won't be home until late because today is her evening meeting day.  I guess some would see that as a good thing, but not me.

I plan to go to the store to get some items to make a casserole.  The turkey we fixed Sunday isn't exactly disappearing at a high volume so I have decided to make a casserole out of what is left.  I just need a couple of ingredients to make it really good.  Then I'll boil the carcass for an hour or so and give Mia some turkey broth that she can freeze.

And I will clean up after myself.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Many people don't wish to discuss this subject matter so I completely understand if you look away from today's ranting...

Suicide has visited me on several occasions throughout my life.  I have had relatives who contemplated and even went to the extent of attempting to do themselves in.  I have had acquaintances and co-workers who have suddenly decided to end it all in a blink.

Last Sunday evening a friend lost her son to this menace of society.  I can't understand why anyone would purposely take their own life.  Is there that much despair in the world?  Have we forgotten how to take care of each other?  To help each other through life?

Life is not easy.  It doesn't come with an instruction booklet and if it is like the owners manual in your vehicle, we probably wouldn't bother to read it anyway.  Life comes with curves, drop offs, highs, lows, tears, laughing, pain, agony, joy and love.  Some people cannot cope with the lows while others have issues with the highs.

As depressed as I got, I did think about it, but didn't consider it an option.  Why do some think about it and see it as the only option?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It Must Be A Vision Or I Need New Glasses

Who is anonymous and what do they want?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

It appears to be another soggy Memorial Day in the Northwest but we have plenty of reason to be thankful for the fact that we can spend time enjoying the soggy weather.  Were it not for those men and women who have taken up arms and fought to give and protect our freedoms we might be just another in along line of dictatorships.  Thankfully we are not and I for one will celebrate that as I eat my turkey dinner tonight. read it right.  No burgers, ribs here....good old turkey with all the trimmings.

However you choose to celebrate please take a moment and think of those who didn't come back.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning Blues

I get up this morning with the intent of watching one of my favorite programs, Meet the Press, and what do I find...a race Formula 1 race from Monaco.  Dashed....I did not realize that I wouldn't get my Washington fix for the day.  Feeling kind of blue.

Last night my daughter called to tell me we are on the naughty list at our camping park in Gold Bar.  Apparently another member reported that they were cutting down trees with a chain saw.  I emailed the park this morning to try and find get the outcome of the investigation.  Somehow I think someone made a big mistake.

Mia and I are going to attend the movies today.  I wanted to watch two but she thinks she can't sit through two complete movies so we will see Iron Man 3 today and leave Star Trek for another day.  Before we go I need to walk Honey and clean up the kitchen.  While Mia did some cleaning yesterday we both just piled the dishes up in the kitchen and let them set.  We were watching the Longmire marathon yesterday afternoon as we had missed some of the episodes.  Neither one of us was able to stay awake to see the last episode.

It is a drab and dreary day outside.  I suspect that the Pacific Northwest will experience a fair amount of  our annual Memorial Day visitor.....RAIN.

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day

Yet another beginning to the summer camping and recreation season has arrived and everyone and their brothers have hit the road for points east.  Some were leaving this morning.  I got up bright and early, actually it was dark, to go to work and finish up the weeks daily business.  My shipping and receiving clerk has been on vacation and I have been doing his and my job and I tend to get behind.  I pretty much caught up this morning.

I had an appointment at our Chevrolet garage in North Bend to get the oil changed in the truck and get it inspected for our trip the end of next month.  Everything looks good and I got new wiper blades just in case.

So I drove from Federal Way to Bellevue, then to North Bend and back to Federal Way and never passed a single person.  I got passed a lot.  I am thinking we are wasting tax money posting speed limit signs.

As you may have heard we lost a portion of the I 5 corridor just north of Mt Vernon.  71,000 vehicles per day must find an alternate route until further notice.  I do not envy those that live in that area for the next few months.  They will have grid lock that will make LA look like a race track.
And this morning I read that another bridge has collapsed in Missouri after two trains collided.  I am not sure it is safe to travel about the country anymore.

Memorial Day is Monday and I for one will reflect on those who have given so much to protect our freedoms.  Say what you will about the country, how it is run, and the politics.  We are free and we don't face having our hands chopped off or the loss of our heads for minor infractions of the slavery under which some multitudes live.

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are....remember to remember

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just When The End Appears Near.....

331 days left until Mia and I pull the plug on work and ride off together into the sunset.  We are so looking forward to the day that we can hitch up and hit the road.  It has been my dream to travel across the country in search of weird and wonderful stuff and perhaps do a little consulting work along the way.  I asked Mia if she was excited to go and it seems she is along for the ride.  Which got me to thinking.

44 years of marriage and I guess you would have to say we have been along for the ride the whole time.  Isn't that what life is all about.  Rode through my younger, wilder days and found Mia, married and had kids, climbed up the ladder at work, raised two wonderful kids who now have their own kids.  We have ridden through the grandkids and the trials and tribulations that go with that and now are approaching the end of our careers.  Now we literally ride through visiting the rest of the country and enjoying ourselves in our retirement.  I know I am looking forward to it.

Just when you think the whole country is going to hell and it looks like the next generation doesn't seem to care, your 17 year grandson decides to wake you up to the fact that not all of the next generation is asleep at the wheel.  Witness his latest blog about Mt St Helens.

Especially his closing paragraph.

"Nature is a hard fighter, she'll mess you up, rip you to shreds, throw you around and try to kill you but at the end of it all...Tomorrow is just another day to heal and grow.

I am so proud to be his grandpa.

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Must Be Getting Old

I thought I would be in trouble by now but it seems that even with a car that goes fast and corners really good I can't find any trouble.  And believe me, I have tried for the past two weeks.  There are specific routes that are being driven because of the type of roadway and or number of corners and I am having a great deal of fun.  Don't get me wrong.....I never exceed the speed limit....RIGHT....

I have the day off and decided to help Mia by cleaning up the kitchen which naturally turned into cleaning the outside grille on the patio just outside the kitchen window.  It was pretty greasy and nasty. I let it burn a while earlier this morning and just finished cleaning it.  I am thinking about getting a George Foreman Electric Grille but I feel like I would miss the smoking, barbecuing, and the ribs not to mention the brisket.

Mia and I will not be going back to the trailer until early June, so we will enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday at home while our daughter and her brood spend the weekend in Gold Bar.  It has become an annual thing for them and as I have said before we really don't like the three day weekends in the park when everyone and their brothers invade the park for all night parties and whatever else they can think of.  I am thinking a nice brisket on the newly cleaned grille and a couple of movies.  Iron Man Three and Star Trek Into the Darkness sound like some good entertainment.

Have to get back to work...I took a day off for this?

Have fun.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Weekend, Different Plan

The weekend was fast approaching when Mia and I decided that the weather was just going to be too nice for us to stay home so we are spending the weekend at the trailer in Gold Bar where the forecast is for low 80's today and tomorrow.   Of course it is too early for the pools to be open but we have a lot of stuff to do around the lot, take some walks around the park and Mia is thinking about hiking up to Wallace Falls.

I got a new demo from work last night.  Most of the time I am ultra conservative when it comes to cars. Four tires, an engine, transmission and point A to point B.  My last car was a very well equipped 2013 Subaru AWD Legacy.  It is a nice car.  Well appointed and delivers exactly what I wanted from point A to point B even in nasty weather.  I happened to say something to the General Manager about getting a Beetle Turbo for a demo but they apparently are harder to sell as a demo than what they actually gave me.  I have a black 2013 Volkswagen four door Golf, wait for it, GTI.  This car is not only fast but it is extremely fun to drive.

In my past there was time spent behind the wheel of a modified car.  I enjoyed some drag racing and really enjoyed timed rallies and autocross.  I had a few (very few) modified, fast cars.  My favorite was my 1967 Volkswagen Bug (my very first new car) modified to do autocross.  I had lots of fun with that car and met my wife while I had it.  This new GTI brings back some of the feelings that were attached to that car.  It could be trouble....