Friday, May 29, 2015

Lots Of Driving, Lots Of Fun

We drove 365 miles from Paducah, Kentucky to Baileytown, Tennessee yesterday.  I made a reservation for the Anvil Campground near Colonial Williamsburg for this coming Saturday.  We left Baileytown this morning and drove through the Appalachian Mountains to arrive at the Lynchburg, Virginia KOA campground.  We are kind of in the middle of now where and there are new and wonderful things to talk about.

As we arrived left the Puducah campground I discovered an infestation of some of these little black buggers:
There are hundreds of them and various places in and out of the trailer.  I don't see the nest or where they got in but they were in the electrical cord holding box until I sprayed it with penetrating oil.  They have since moved to the back area of the refrigerator outside, the counter in the kitchen and inside the upper burner cover of the stove.  In addition, we have seen them on the floor and in the sinks.  We stopped at Lowes and purchased some bait in a bottle and it seems to be working but it will probably takes weeks to completely eradicate them.

As we drove through the Smokey Mountains (really just a bunch of rolling hills) we drove into the eye of the storm and got pelted again with rain, hail, sleet, lightning and thunder.  Fun driving when there is a lot of traffic, especially truck traffic, trying to leave or get somewhere before the weekend.  Something we don't recall seeing anywhere else:

Obviously on their way back to school from a field trip out in the Mid-West.  They have a full time meteorology program that allows students to take field trips to the storm prone states to study and release probes.  Like I said, haven't seen these before.

Tomorrow is a much easier day.  We are traveling to Appomattox tomorrow morning on our way to the campground near Williamsburg.  History is here and why not see it if you can.

I have to say that the rest areas in Kentucky and Tennessee are by far the best we have encountered on our trip.  Fully staffed and complete with handouts, maps and general traffic and weather information they are the cleanest bathroom facilities we have found.  Kudos to there states for making  it such a pleasure to travel the roads and byways.

The use of Y'all is prominent here in the southern half of the country.  Everyone uses the term and sometimes there are those who use it nearly every time they talk to you.  For example, our waitress at the Cracker Barrel this noontime used it every single time she addressed us.  I looked it up and it isn't a bad thing but it is one of those terms of endearment that often get over used like, darling or little buddy.

Hope all is well and y'all come back.

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