Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Day Close To The Trailer

After yesterday and our long round trip drive to the distillery we decided to take an easy day and hang out around the trailer.  The weather forecast was calling for showers throughout the region and there were a couple of things that needed to be done around Paducah.

We left this morning and drove downtown to the historic part of town.  At one time Paducah was a thriving metropolis.  Settled in 1815, and located at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers, and inhabited by both Native Americans and Immigrants who lived and traded together.  Steamboat traffic brought a thriving business atmosphere to the town and created a need for dry dock operations.  Soon the Illinois Central Railroad was doing business in Paducah due to the closeness to the coal reserves in Kentucky and Illinois.

In 1937 the Ohio river rose to over 50 feet above flood stage and caused major damage throughout the city.  The Army Corp of Engineers built a flood wall to replace the failed earthen levee.  An artist from Louisiana, Robert Dafford, designed and painted murals on the town side of the flood wall.  There are several panels depicting the history of the city.  Just a few of the many murals.

In 1948 Paducah was chosen for a new uranium enrichment plant.  The plant was done in 1952 and is currently operated by the U.S. Department of Energy.

In 1991 the National Quilt Museum was opened in downtown.  The museum annually attracts 40,000 quilters to the city and once a year they hold a large quilt meeting that is attended by folks from around the world.

The town is old and well kept in some areas.  Mia took me to several quilt stores and I patiently waited as she spent time looking at each store.  Finally the rain started.  With some errands remaining we had a quick lunch at Steak n Shake and proceeded to finish our errands and then headed back to the trailer.  I see now why there are flash floods here.  The rain comes down quickly and in massive amounts.  Generally not long enough to flood but you keep wondering as you try to navigate your way through.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nicer so we are thinking about taking another road trip.  Not as far as Tuesday but maybe more interesting.  We shall see.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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