Monday, June 1, 2015

Technology Isn't Dead

After a morning trip to Colonial Willamsburg we came back to the trailer to try and stay as cool as possible consider the high humidity and temperatures in the mid-ninties.  Folks here say this current weather pattern is ten to fifteen degrees warmer than normal.  As I watched the folks who act out the colonial experience I couldn't help but feel for them.  Everyone standing around in shorts and T-shirts while they suffer dressed in full 19th century apparel.

When we got back to the trailer I dug out a couple of extension cords and we hooked up a fan and started to charge some of our electrical stuff.  Kindle readers are great but they use a lot of juice when you are using them and they take time to charge.  Books don't use any juice and you can read them uninterrupted.  Unfortunately we have Kindles not books.  We were able to charge most of the technology while watching TV plugged directly into the 20 amp service provided by the park in the electrical pedestal.  Last night we used the cords to run two small fans near the bed to help cool us down.  Not much cooling as the air was warm and stuffy but we managed to sleep better than the night before.

I spoke to the office here at the campground and they gave me the name of a mobile repair guy and I left a message on his phone yesterday.  I am hoping he can obtain the needed part and switch it out for me.  I am awaiting his call as I type out this short post.  Today will be laundry day for us as we wait for the call and possible visit from the repair guy.

The weather will continue to be hot and humid for the next couple of days, cooling somewhat towards the end of the week however there is 50 - 80% chance of rain and some thunder showers.  It may dampened our visits to Yorktown, Jamestown and back to Williamsburg.  I am sorry that there are no pictures from yesterdays adventure as I didn't take the camera  with me.

I hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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