Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hug Point

Welcome to the first day of Fall.  Last Friday we visited Hug Point just south of Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast.  It was a beautiful day for the beach.  Being low tide we were able to explore some of the small caves as well as walk around some of the rocks to other beaches.
The rock

Walk around to another beach


View from the cave

Small steam runs thru the sands

Water fall creates a stream

Another cave view

Have no idea what this is for

The other beach

Trail to the other beach

Friends drop by, literally

Honey doesn't understand moving water

James finds a seat

Jeff gets exercise chasing his little man around

Honey thinks something is alive in the rock

A beach without a kite is not beach at all
After all the fun at the beach we said our goodbyes because we were both leaving the next day for the drive home.  Leaving without a sunset picture wasn't going to happen so I went down to Gearhart Beach just before sunset and took some shots.

Sunset at Gearhart Beach
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves.....Be safe out there.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beach Day

Yesterday was beach day, first in Seaside and then we went to Hug Point a little south of Cannon Beach.  Surf, sand, rocks, caves, mussels, barnacles, craggily old trees and a wonderful time watching James (our grandson) and Honey (our dog) experience new features in the world around them.

Seaside is a small community that caters to tourism.  Lots of little shops with many items designed to remind you of your trip to their city many years after you where actually here.  Many have shirts, driftwood art, paintings, wooden boxes but no quilt shop.  You can purchase all kinds of things to eat from fresh seafood to steak.

On of my favorite shops now is Flashback Soda and Malt Shop.  I walked in and it was like I stepped back into the 50's.  I was telling my son about the root beer I had purchased the day before at Tillmook Cheese Factory and he said the place that makes it is right in Seaside.  Wow, what an amazing place and they have 26 different brands of root beer.  I purchased four bottles for future consumption.

We took James to a small toy store in the carousal mall and he played with toys on the floor for quite awhile, while little Nina (our latest grandchild) was total oblivious to the whole thing.
Our son and James rode the carousal before we headed to the beach.
Then it was off to the beach.

We are pulling out to head home today.  We should be home by late afternoon.  We visited Hug Point in the afternoon and I will post more about that locale tomorrow because I have lots of pictures.

Hope everyone is safe and having a good time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Second Day In Tillamook

We left this morning and returned to Tillamook to meet up with our son Jeff and his family at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Fun place to learn more about cheese than you probably want to know.
The pictures appear to have a filter because the glass you look through has this amber tint to it and makes it look like the lens has a filter.

Mia and James had a lot of fun with the cutout.
Mia and I got into the Tillamook bus for pictures.
It takes along time (over and hour) to drive the short distance from Seaside to Tillamook.  48.9 miles of up and down speed through what seems like endless little townships.   You start out at 55 miles per hour and within a couple of miles end up slowing to 40 mph, then 30 and sometimes 20 mph when there are schools along the highway.  What should take about an hour can be extended to one and a half hours.  There were a couple of places where the highway was a one way road due to construction.  Then there are the speed zones where you're in a small town doing 30 mph and as you leave the town there is a sign...End of 30 mph.  But no sign telling you want to do next.  You go one for nearly half a mile before finally finding another sign increasing the miles per hour.  So I guess you can go as fast as you like from the end of the speed zone to the next sign, right?  A to have a really fast car.
I photographed more barns and we came back to the trailer for an afternoon of complete and total relaxation.
Hope everyone is well...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We left Seaside this morning and headed down Highway 101 to Tillamook.  We spent the day visiting a quilt store, a texture museum and learning facility and I took pictures of several barns with quilt blocks installed on them.  It was very interesting.
Fabric Store

VW Boneyard in the middle of no where

Bunker near the Air Museum

We are heading back to Tillamook tomorrow to hook up with Jeff and his family at the cheese factory.  I love cheese and I think they have ice cream in there somewhere.

Trip To The Coast

It is early on the second day of our trip to the Oregon Coast.  We left home yesterday around 8:00 o'clock a.m. for the trip down.
Lit up and ready to go
It is always a long drive down Highway 101 through Anacortes but even more so yesterday as we got stopped on the bridge on the Oregon side where painters were working on the upper structure.
But we made it to Bud's RV Park outside Seaside shortly after 1:00 o'clock pm after stopping for fuel and shopping in Warrenton.  We got the trailer set up and headed down to the visitors center to see what kind of trouble we can get into this coming week and we found all kinds.  Jeff and his family will be in Cannon Beach just south of us arriving today.  We will hook up with them and see if we can all get in trouble tomorrow.  We decided to park (finding a parking place was interesting) and cruise the beach.  The weather was just turning to overcast and windy.  We walked on to the sandy beach with Honey as she had her first ocean beach experience.  She wanted nothing to do with the water that was trying to chase her.  She yelped and jumped around and was attacking her left rear paw and we saw something on her.  It was so small I couldn't tell what it was but we got it off but she was having an awful time with it.  Wouldn't put it down and kept sitting down to lick it.  We suspect she was stung by whatever it was.  We picked her up and brought her back to the trailer and washed her foot but couldn't see anything.  She hobbled all night but this morning seems to be better.
Honey wants nothing to do with the water
We went to the Puyallup Fair on Monday with family friends and I got a new addition for the trailer.
New license plate frame
And a friend of mine sent me this flag for our trailer.  Apparently her husband purchased it but they have a motorhome and it didn't seem quite right to have this in the window since it depicts a trailer.  So it is in my window.  It  says "Home is where you park it".
Here is a couple of more pictures of the Seaside beach yesterday afternoon.  I didn't take my Canon with me so these are Samsung Galaxy 5 pics.
Highrise timeshare

Mia enjoys sand in her toes

Large land formation to our left

Honey still wondering, "What the heck?"
Mia loves to quilt and among the many things we found to do down here has to do with her favorite passion as well as mine.   They have a society down here that is trying to preserve the past by using quilting and dairy farming.  Apparently there is a whole scenic drive of barns with quilt blocks on them.  I love photographing old barns and Mia loves quilting.  What a great way to spend our first day.  Should be fun and I should have lots of pictures tomorrow.

We hope everyone is well and happy....