Friday, May 15, 2015

Snafu Resolved

We got back to South Bend, Indiana rather early today and dropped by the post office and found my package of medications waiting in the general delivery bin as promised by the gal I spoke to the other day.  I was relieved to get them as I am nearly out of one of them.

One hundred and ninety seven miles is no big deal in one day but when you add in mistakes made during the travel (not following the princesses directions) you end up adding another twenty five miles.  The good news, my error create a situation for Mia to return to a store in Shipshewana, Indiana so she could get some really cheap muslim cloth.

We are parked at the KOA in Granger, Indiana and we will start our trek to Paducah, Kentucky tomorrow.  It appears it is only four hundred and forty some miles to our destination so I have called the park there and arranged to arrive a day early, Sunday.  Don't know where we will be tomorrow so there may not be an blog post for a couple of days.

Looking forward to taking some day trips.  They might be long day trips.

After we spend our nine days relaxing in Paducah, the holiday will have come and gone.  I will arrange for someplace to stay at or near Williamsburg, Virginia so we can enjoy some more colonial history.  Then we will move to Monticello and on to Mt. Vernon.

Hope everything is well and thanks for stopping by.

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