Saturday, March 25, 2017


Our early spring trip to the east and down south has been postponed until April 4th.  We had originally planned to leave March 27th but I guess I just can't turn away when someone calls and asks me to help.

I started working in the parts department of a high line auto dealership in an effort to help them get some employees up to speed on the parts side of the business.  I can only say that this has been a very eye-opening experience.  I won't go into details here in public but believe me when I say there is a lot of shock involved.

Anyway, we will be leaving on the 4th for sure and I will be giving updates as we once again travel across America.

Hope all is well.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

An Evening With Groucho

Mia and I attended "An Evening With Groucho" last night at our local theater, the Centerstage.  I remember watching Groucho and his inappropriate fast paced responses to those he interviewed on his television show "You Bet Your Life".

Discovered by Groucho's son, Arthur, Frank Ferrante writes and acts in this two act, one man play.  For two-plus hours, Mr. Ferrante portrays Groucho Marx in all of his splendor. Combined with stories about Groucho's life and times, the evening is filled with many of the one-liners and inappropriate jokes.  Mr. Ferrante sings, dances and slapsticks his way across the stage leaving the audience in stitches.

Mr. Ferrante is a wonderful actor and comedic presence.  Locally he has portrayed Caesar, the Latin Lover at our local dinner theater, Teatro ZinZanni.  During last night's show, Mr. Ferrante combined the stories and slapstick with interactions with the audience.  We were laughing so hard that I was happy to see the fifteen minute intermission.

I highly recommend this show even if you don't have a clue who Groucho Marx was.