Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

It was quite muggy last night as we prepared to go to bed so we had nearly every window in our mobile condo open to allow what little breeze there was to make its way in and out of the trailer to help cool us.  We have several fans that move air and they help some but there is nothing like the sound and feeling of good ole fresh air.

Memorial Day Skies

Unfortunately, early this morning there was a major change that had been predicted.  All hell broke loose over the skies here in Culvert City, KY and the lightning started flashing in the night air followed by loud thunder.  Soon there was what sounded like hail hitting the trailer.  We sprang from bed to make certain none of the windows and vents that can leak were open.  We closed most of the windows and went back to bed.  The event continued from most of the early morning hours, drenching us with a lot of water and the lightning and thunder got closer and closer until it finally moved off to the east.  From the sounds of the weather reports for the area we can expect more of the same throughout the region this morning thru tomorrow evening.  So it appears we will be trailer bound today unless we decide to go for a ride like we did yesterday.

We left the trailer and headed up Highway 62 thru the Kentucky Lake State Park and out to Grand Rivers.  It is a cute little town where Patti's 1880 Settlement has its home.  Patti's is a tourist destination with shops, restaurants and a reconstructed fort.  We drove past it on the way into this quaint little town that was obviously having a celebration complete with a parade.  Most of the towns around here line their streets with the U.S. Flag.
Grand Rivers has a beautiful marina complete with RV camping spots and cottages set on the hillside overlooking the Kentucky Lake.  And there is an operational light house that marks the entrance to Kentucky Lake from the Tennessee River about a mile south of the Kentucky Lake Dam and Lock facility.
We rolled on up the highway and thru a township called Lake City.  I lived in Lake City in north Seattle for most of my years growing up.  There are several different Lake City's across the nation.  We drove a bit further as I was interested in finding Marion.  We drove through Eddyville, Kuttawa and Fredonia.  These small townships were along county route 641 on the way to Marion.  Unfortunately we never got to Marion as I misread a sign and turned off 641 before we arrived.  We had a beautiful day and found ourselves way out in the country and even heard, "Dueling Banjos" a couple of times.  We passed thru Mexico which is a small township south west of Marion.  It is truly amazing some of the places that you find when you go out into the country.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and you take time to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom to have a celebration.  Since the founding of the country, good men and women and given their lives to protect those of us who have followed.  Enjoy your families and remember to thank those who served.
Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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