Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No More Cabin Fever

As of noon today we are packing it up and getting ready to head back out onto the highway.  The pills arrived in todays mail and we are ecstatic at the chance to move again.

Looks like we will head for Williamsburg, Virginia next to visit the historical sites around that area and take a day trip up to see Monticello.  We are scheduled to stay at the Anvil Campground and we have three days to cover the 780 miles.  Don't think it will be a problem, knock on wood.

Today we decided to go back out to Mayfield and get a couple more of the casseroles, some banana nut bread and cinnamon rolls.  While this isn't an Amish place they certainly do bake and cook a lot like the Amish do and they are nice folks.  If you're ever in the Mayfield/Benton area do yourself a big favor and head south through Mayfield and connect with highway 97.  A rural road that leads out of town you'll find the Mayfield Creek Market just about two miles out of town.  Open every day but Sunday and they have some really good stuff.  The lasagna is unbelievable.

I went into town and picked up a couple more shirts.  Don't seem to have enough regular shirts in between wash days.  We decided to go ahead and wash all our dirty stuff today and thankfully it worked out with the pills arriving as well.  As soon as we eat I will finish getting the trailer hooked up and ready to roll so I don't take any chances getting caught in the thunderstorms that have been happening around here with some regularity.  We are supposed to get hit again overnight.

Tomorrow we will be up early heading back to Nashville.  Sadly we will just drive right thru it and up I-40 to West Virginia.  We will overnight somewhere along the route.  

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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