Monday, May 18, 2015

Relaxing Day

I am spending a relaxing day at the trailer after a couple of long days of driving.  We left Granger, Indiana on Friday heading south through Illinois to Paducah, Kentucky home of the National Quilt Museum.  As you who read the blog already know, Mia is a huge quilter and loves everything to do with quilting.  She doesn't seem to think she will be gone long but I expect she might spend more time than she has indicated.  Just like the Ford Museum, it looks like a fantastic place.

It is overcast with the sounds of thunder in the distance every now and then.  We expect temperatures into the eighties today with higher humidity which makes things a bit uncomfortable.  The forecast is calling for decreasing temperatures tonight and we hope the humid conditions go down as well.  We haven't had any really hot weather here in the east but temperatures in the eighties and high humidity are much more uncomfortable than nineties and no humidity.  Once again, we haven't been able to find the replacement circuit breaker for the in house panel so we don't use the air conditioner.  I will likely deal with it when we get home.

Speaking of home, we have decided to spend the next few days here in Paducah and then move on after the Memorial Day Holiday.  Mia ordered some prescriptions from the pharmacy to be shipped here so we may have to stay a bit longer if they don't show by the end of the week.  Then it is on to Williamsburg, nearly eight hundred miles from here.  We will visit Willamsburg and Jamestown before heading north to Monticello and Mt. Vernon where we hope to meet up with Mia's niece.  At that point we will be almost 2900 miles from home and both of us are ready to head back.  So sometime in mid-June, I expect we will be making the trip back across the country to home.

I have to take the Honey for a walk.  Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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