Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Henry Ford And A Minor Snafu

Yesterday I was on my own as I left Mia and Honey at the trailer and took off down the road to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.  This is one of the place that I have always wanted to go and yesterday I found out just how big and full this place actually is.  You might be suspecting nothing but Ford or lots of cars and the history of the automobile.  Well you get that and a whole lot more.  In fact, there is just too much sensory input to handle in one day.  I had a voucher that would let me into two of the the four areas that are offered.

You can visit the Henry Ford Museum full of all kinds of history from automobiles to baby rattles.  You can walk through the 200 acre Greenfield Village that will send you back into the days of yesteryear to see John Adams home, Henry Ford's home, Booker T Washington's cabin, sawmills, early farms, textile plants, pottery plants, and an old tavern with communal seating for lunch.  Then there is the Ford Rouge Factory Tour where the new aluminum skinned Ford F-150 truck is assembled.  Finally you could visit the IMAX theater to watch any of the many 2D and 3D material available.

I chose the Museum and Greenfield Village and neither was a disappointment.  There is so much to see in the museum and I took some pictures.  I can't even begin to explain the overwhelming sensory input as you walk thru this place and look at the displays.  History is presented in form and word.  For example, one section has to do with struggles of America and its populations struggles for freedom and equality.  Starting with the Revolutionary War and taking you to Abe Lincoln and the struggle for freedom from slavery.  Follow all that up with a look into the fight for women's rights and their vote.  Then comes the struggle for civil rights and Rosa Parks famous refusal to change her seat on the bus for a white person.
The actual bus.
Here are some other things that I photographed in the museum.
Teddy Roosevelt's Limo

Looked brand new

Willys was King

Even has Chevrolet

Model T in pieces...there aren't many

Steam Power

Old Corn Harvester

Modern kitchen

Not so modern kitchen
Cycle car
A Model T Tent Camper

Lots of steam

Steam powered shop

Allegheny Locomotive only one left and the largest every built
Then on to Greenfield Village and I'll just let the pictures show you.
Beautiful gardens

Real Steam Locomotives

Farm Yards

Henry Fords Boyhood Home
Ford's Original shop

Restored and Installed by Henry Ford
The original shop that Ford his first car
A small version of the original Ford Plant

Wright Brothers Shop

Jewelry Store

I had a ball and wish I could have spent even more time wandering about these displays of history.

We have run into a couple of snafu lately.  Last week I ordered medication from my hometown pharmacy to sent general delivery to a post office in South Bend.  Unfortunately the pharmacy sent it via U.P.S. instead of U.S.P.S.  It didn't show up in time for me to pick them up when we were in Granger earlier this week.  So it is back to Granger to visit the South Bend post office as they called and told me that the package arrived.  So tomorrow we head back to the South Bend area.

The other little snafu has to do with being retired and not realizing what time it is.  It seems a holiday is looming ahead and we didn't think about it until just yesterday.  Try to find a place to park for Memorial Day Weekend a week before the holiday.  Especially if you decide to go somewhere popular.  We were scheduled to be in the Washington DC area but there are no parks available so we are changing our plans and heading south to Paducah, Kentucky.  We will arrive next Monday and stay until June 2nd when we will reverse our direction and head east to the DC/Baltimore area.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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