Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Awaiting Results

Went to our regional health facility on Monday as requested by my Dermotolgist.  Since I have been having so much trouble he wanted me to come in for a biopsi of my skin for analysis.  I was injected with a deadner that makes the skin pop up on my right forearm and left outer thigh.  Using a punch tool the doctor took what looked like a "core sample" of material from both places.  Since this process digs a half inch deep hole in you there is blood and a big enough hole that a single stitch is required to close the wound.  I didn't feel a thing and I was happy for that.  I hope that I will find out what has invaded my body and get something to make it finally go away.
The doctor prescribed Doxepin to help relieve itching and the insomnia that comes with the constant itching.  I took one last night and fell soundly to sleep.  Mia said I was scratching but I didn't know it cause I was out cold.  Today, I have been in a fog and a little spacey.  A very powerful, small pill.

Early this morning I made raspberry freezer jam and some raspberry topping for ice cream.  It is so easy to do and I love raspberry jam.

Beyond that I have done very little.  Actually found myself taking a nap this afternoon.  I am thinking I won't take another pill tonight.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Difficulties in Canada

We spent a day roaming around Canmore and Banff as well as heading up to Lake Louise.  Our son had told us of a tea house a short hike from a huge parking lot.  We had hoped to take that hike but it became very clear,  early on, that the weather conditions were not going to allow us to make the trip.  Overcast and raining we chose not to take the hike.  We had not packed proper clothing for such a hike as it was over ninety degrees when we left.  Weather conditions can change in the mountains and they did.  We spent time around Banff and Canmore enjoying the scenery and just relaxing.

We found a quilt shop in Canmore that Mia said was fairly well known in the quilting community.  She investigated their wares while Honey and I waited as we usually do.

Canmore was a coal mining town before it closed down in 1979.  Named after the town of Ceannmore in northwest Scotland.  It is a Celtic word meaning "Big Head" and was titled in honor of King Malcolm III of Canmore who killed Macbeth in a fight for the Scottish throne in 1057.
The last mining town left in the Bow Valley area the city soon learned that it needed to make some adjustments in order to survive.  In 1980 Canmore became the site of the Nordic events for the winter Olympics in 1988.  Since then, Canmore has continued to be a vibrant community.

We took a short road trip while awaiting the check in time.  Following Three Sisters Road east out of town along the Bow River we come around a corner and look off in the distance to see what looks like a domed building sitting on the moon.  The Lafarge Concrete plant has a store dome that gives you the impression you are on another planet.  There is a lot of rock mining and gravel and concrete companies along this stretch of highway.

 Unfortunately Mia continued to have difficulties with her digestive system and my rash was moving around my body like a marathon runner.  The constant itching and scaling was driving me crazy.  Numerous emails to my medical provider got several different responses.  One response suggested I start taking bleach bathes.  Simple put, fill the bathtub and put a half a cup of household bleach in the water and jump in.  Supposedly it will kill bacteria if the rash is some kind of infection.

It didn't do much and I have continued to take one daily since the first.  The scaling seems to be better but the itching is almost non-stop.  The good news is the doctors made an appointment for me on Monday and I will be going in to have a biopsy taken.  Hopefully we will soon learn what it is and what it will take to dispose of it.

We saw a lot of great scenery in Canada and learned that it is illegal to panhandle.  Signs say it is also unsafe for motorists.  We discovered that Alberta has many economic issues with both a provincial and city governments that are taxing many businesses right out of business.  So everything isn't rosy in Canada.

Hope everything is good and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Canada and Beyond

We spent last Sunday night in Post Falls, Idaho and got up and took a leisurely trip to Kalispell, Montana.  As I said before, one reason for stopping in this area of Montana is the Polebridge Mercantile Bakery and one of my favorite things, Huckleberry Bear Claws.  I was not disappointed.  We had very little trouble locating the bakery in Whitefish.  To my surprise, the Whitefish location makes a bear claw nearly twice the size of the one in Polebridge for the same cost.  Definitely satisfied with that.
I have had an old leather belt for as long as I can remember.  I have punched holes in it and used it to hold up just about every kind of pants you can imagine.  Lately it has been getting a bit tattered.  I have purchased new belts from department stores but I find myself very disappointed when they fail because they are not pliable and tend to crack and fall apart.  My old belt is one piece of leather that is soft and hasn't cracked.  I went to a clothing store in Kalispell and found a replacement (haven't tossed it yet) belt.  It was expensive as belts go but if it last anywhere as long as the one it is replacing it will still be usable after I am dead and buried.  I highly recommend this store if you want good outerwear with a western flair.
We left Kalispell and head up to cross the border into the Canadian Rockies.  The border is just a short trip north and the crossing was not busy at all.  We were in Canada on our way to Banff in no time at all.  I had to adjust to the speed being in kilometers and thus a little slower that the U.S. equivalent.  In fact, we didn't see a speed limit above 120 kilometers per hour (68 mph) during our whole trip.  We cruised into the Canadian Rockies and I have to admit my son was right.  The Canadian version of the Rockies is better than the American version.  I can't really put my finger on it but I think it has to do with the speed of travel (much slower), the roadway (not a freeway) and the scenery.  The magnificent vistas catch you at every turn.  As you climb and head towards their Trans Canadian Highway you soon learn you are about to enter the Banff National Park.  You arrive at Radium Hot Springs and soon learn that you need a pass to transverse the park.  The purchase is simple.  Just tell them how many days you expect to be visiting and they charge you accordingly and give you a pass to tape to your windshield.  Low the poor individual who happens to stop anywhere in the park with no pass taped to the windshield.  Park workers are everywhere and they write tickets for not passes.
Amazing Vistas

Sign flashes to warn of bears in the road


Wild flowers

Wild life

Wild river

Wild rapids

We arrived in Canmore, BC just east of Banff a few kilometers and made our way to our motel for the next two days.  So far so good.

I was still suffering from what I thought was psoriasis but I was becoming more aware that it might be something else.  The itching and rash was terrible.  There was burning combined with constant itching and some skin scaling over a good percentage of my body.  My medical staff worked with me as we traveled but as I will tell you later, nothing seemed to help give me any relief.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.  I will continue the update over the next couple of days.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Day Out

We left Yakima fairly early this morning heading for Palouse Falls State Park outside Starbuck, Washington.  While some of the water comes from mountain run off, the vast majority of it comes from inside the earth through balsamic rock.  In the middle of pretty much no place, this park is at the end of what looks like someone driveway.  It requires a state issued Discover Pass.
From there we drove towards Spokane and stopped at the first Washington State Department of Transportation rest area at Horn School on US 195 north of Colfax, Washington.  Built in 1967 from money provided by the Johnson Presidential administration.  A very nice respite.
Then it was on to Post Falls, Idaho where it only managed to get to 95 degrees.
Thanks for stopping by.