Saturday, May 30, 2015

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park

We were up early this morning and on the road to find Appomattox on our way to Williamsburg.  We arrived at the gate just about five minutes before they opened at 8:30 a.m. and we were first in line to visit the facility.  We visited the Welcome Center and found that a portion of the property was closed for renovations so we spent our time in a fairly small area.

I have never been a big Civil War buff.  I don't know why but wars after the Revolutionary War have never really interested me.  I think that may change after this visit.  We visited the McLean Home where General Lee surrendered to General Grant on the afternoon of April 9, 1865.  Lee was hopelessly out numbered and cut off from badly needed supplies that were waiting for his troops at Lynchburg.  Perhaps realizing that further bloodshed wasn't going to change his situation he met with General Grant in the parlor of the McLean home.  General Grant had written out the terms of the surrender in long hand and letter form.  General Lee signed the document bringing a close to America's deadliest war with 618,222 dead, many other casualties as well as the infrastructure of the South completely demolished. 

McLean in house kitchen

McLean Dining Room

Slave Quarters

McLean outside kitchen

McLean pantry

Cornerstone of Slave quarters

I'll let you guess

Jno. W. Woodson Attorney

Attorney's safe

Prisoner shackle point

Inside a cell

Half of the Palor

The other half of the parlor

We are enjoying high humidity and ninety degree plus weather just three miles outside of Williamsburg.  We are scheduled to stay here until next Monday when we will head up to Monticello for a few days before going to Washington's Mt. Vernon.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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