Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Abrupt Standstill

It isn't the Holiday weekend that has us locked into our site at the KOA in Paducah, Kentucky.  It isn't the weather.  Nope, it is medications.  We ordered medications from Seattle and they didn't ship until the 20th so their arrival before the holiday was definitely questionable.  It now looks like we will be extending our stay at least a couple more days.  Hopefully they will arrive and we can pull up stakes and move on east with the next weekend.

Speaking of the weather, today is supposed to reach eighty-two degrees with thundershowers in the forecast.  The thundershowers here seem to come, dump a bunch of water and move off to the east.  We have had several experiences with them since crossing the central area of the country.  While thunderstorms are not unheard of in the Pacific Northwest the ones here in the eastern states can be dramatic.  Lots of lightning, followed by loud thunder and then the rains come and everything becomes a river.  An hour later the clouds have moved east, the ground is drying and the sun is out.

On the subject of strange and different stuff, consider Cicadas.  We have crickets in the Pacific Northwest and they come out at night and early morning to sing their mating songs.  These "tree crickets" sing all day long and they are loud.  They sound a lot like a weed whacker when they get going and the sound will last for hours and hours.  There seems to be no end to their need to mate.  This is another thing that is very different from our home region.
Sundays are slow days as most everything of any interest is closed.  I suspect the same will be true of Memorial Day.  There was a big race last night at the local dirt track and it went on until past eleven.  We could hear the cars running most of the afternoon and into the evening.  There are some more places to visit around hear so we will head out Tuesday to see what else we can find.

We went to Mayfield yesterday because we were told they have a farmers market on Saturdays in the city square.  One vendor selling corn, tomatoes and watermelons does not make a farmers market.  We drove up to Hatfield to find the Mountain View Market because they have homemade baked goods.  I was looking specifically for cinnamon rolls but they didn't have any.  They recommended a lady just south of Mayfield on Route 97.  We went down and found the place and didn't see any rolls in the display case.  They asked what we were looking for and I told them in a disappointed voice.  She said they were in the oven and would be done in a few minutes.  Wow, in the oven and done in a few minutes.  You can't get them much fresher than that.  We waited and got six big rolls with frosting in a separate container.  They are absolutely wonderful.  The gal has a nice workshop/bakery operation and sells frozen casseroles as well.  We couldn't resist the temptation to have a couple of those.  We visited the annual Arts and Crafts Show in the local state park on the way home.  Last night we heated up the Lasagna and it was very good.  Easy to fix, hardly any cleanup.  A salad and garlic toast and dinner was served.  We may be going back to Mayfield before we leave here.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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