Monday, May 4, 2015

Looking For The We Survived T-Shirt

After dinner last night we notice the skies were turning dark to the north and you could tell there was rain coming down though it hadn't hit us yet.  Then my phone beeped and when I looked at it there was a severe weather warning blinking for several counties in Minnesota.  Since I had no idea what county we were in, I got on the Internet to locate it.  We were in the path of destruction.

The skies grew darker and soon we began to see flashes of light.  Sometimes sheet lightning and other times bolts of lightning.  It grew darker and the thunder became louder and closer with each bolt of lightning from the sky.  Next came the moisture.  It started with sleet and hail about the size of nickels and ended with a downpour.  Rain fell so fast that the roadways in the park filled with water and ran around the campsites like a river.  As the rains fell the winds increased.  The warning on the phone said to suspend all travel and expect winds of 50 mph with gusts to 70 mph.  We had all of that.

Sorry I didn't take any pictures as it was dark and as you can imagine, Honey, was so frightened she was shaking and sitting as close to me as she could.  I have to admit it was a little scary.  But it all slowed down around 11 pm and things seemed to get back to normal.  This morning we have a beautiful sunrise and it looks like a good day for travel.

This was our first experience being caught in severe weather conditions and I think we did okay....we survived.

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