Monday, May 30, 2011


It is Memorial Day and I ask you, as I did yesterday, to remember those that have fallen in the line of duty to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. Many of our young people have sacrificed everything to protect us for many, many years and we should honor them with dignity and respect even if we don't agree with the politics of the time.

We made it to Mt Vernon early yesterday morning and visited with my step mom and loaded our Silverado full of rounds from two fir/pine trees she had cut down in the backyard. On the way out of town, we stopped at the local co-op fuel stop for some free air. I had to put 50 lbs into the back tires to make them look normal. We drove down to Gold Bar to drop the wood off at our campsite.

My daughter, her friend and a tribe of young adults and kids had the campsite covered with tents, dogs and everything else you need to camp. They do a very good job of setting up camp. Her friend had just had surgery and he couldn't do anything and was relatively happy with that.

My grandson and his girlfriend and Nate, son of my daughters friend, help with the removal of the wood from the truck. I purchased a new eight pound wood splitting axe/maul. My grandson decided to show us how to split wood. He did a good job. Showed some real skill with the axe, however the wood was wet and didn't cooperate with him until it was split in half using a wedge. Still he does know how to split wood.

My grandsons girlfriend decides she would like to learn how to swing the axe. He decides to show her. Like a golf pro teaching someone how to swing he takes the axe in his hands and slips in behind her and proceeds to show her how to swing the axe. She tries a couple of times and he isn't happy with the results of his exercise in teaching, so he decides to show her what he means. The next image might be GRAPHIC..

He steps away and takes the axe and proceeds to show her how to swing it. From this angle it looks like she is a goner...

We went to visit some friends in the park and came back to a wonder white chili chicken dinner. We set off for home and some much needed rest after a long day of driving. I thank God every day for my wife, who took the wheel more than once during our long day.

Be safe and enjoy the day with family or whomever you are with...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Up Early

It is Sunday morning and I am up early because that is what I do....get up early. Actually I have a lot of things to do today and places to go. We will be on a fairly long road trip within the next three hours.

Memorial Day weekend and the big day is tomorrow. I have always been in awe of the changing of the Guards and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. For those of you who haven't seen the precision with which it is done, here is a link to watch it.

The Old Guard is the Third United States Infantry Regiment with the responsibility of guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as escorting deceased Army service members to their final resting place in the "Gardens of Stone", (Arlington National Cemetary). They are an active, well trained military unit that is also responsible for the protecting Washington DC.

To give you a prospective of the devotion these folks feel for their fallen comrades I offer the following true event.

As hurricane Isabel approached Washington DC the commander came up with a contingency plan that would allow the soldiers guarding the tomb to protect themselves from the impending danger while still carrying out their assignment. However the Guards chose to ignore the contingency and continued to guard the Tomb through the night even with trees falling around them. To them it was a matter of honoring their obligation to the men and women who served before them and didn't have the choice of weather during battle. A true act of patriotism on the part of this Regiment.

Tomorrow we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice that gives us the freedoms to do the things we do. Please don't forget our troops past and present. Regardless of how you feel about the politics of our International Policies, respecting these men and women is our duty.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Sucks

It is Saturday morning and I have just finished catching up on my blog reading and commenting. I hate to whine but it sucks to read about all the adventures everyone is having and still being stuck in the rut of life working. I enjoy my job, but in this late stage of life, watching others around me pass on, I just want to go before it is too late.

Add to that the fact that this is the start of a three day weekend here in the states and I have to work today. Luck of the draw, being management, call it whatever you will, I still have to work.

Tomorrow I will be going to my step mom's house to collect some wood from a tree she had cut down. We haven't seen her in several months and need to sit with her for awhile. I plan to deliver the wood to the camping site on the way home. My daughter, her friend and their kids are using our new trailer and campsite this weekend since I am working and Mia (the wife) does not like going to the park on three day weekends....too much chaos.

Then it is home for Memorial Day dinner alone together with ourselves as we reflect on all those brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy the freedoms we have.

Be safe out there.....and watch the weather forecast...its downright dangerous in some places...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am trying to post to other blog sites but I keep getting tagged as anonymous and sometimes can't even finish the post. What am I doing wrong?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camping Clubs, Discounts

How many belong to camping clubs? Which ones? Any issues??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But Officer, I Didn't Drink Anything

I heard a news report today that explained how those of us who choose to keep our hands clean by using those hand sanitizers that have sprung up everywhere, could find ourselves with a false positive DUI test. Apparently there is enough alcohol in the cleaner that when it is absorbed through the skin, it can create a build up of alcohol in the blood system......There always seems to be some negative reaction to something that is positive.


So the other day I commented on the rising price of gasoline and politicians and the effect they might have on my future plans. This morning I read my "Our Daily Bread" booklet with a devotion for today. It hits HOME...

Worry doesn't accomplish anything positive; it just adds to the sense that we are drowning in the troubles we are facing. We must take things as they come -- one day at a time -- and trust Him for the wisdom to respond properly. I just have to remember this in the face of all the troubles that pop up...

Monday, May 23, 2011


I heard today that the good preacher Harold Camping can't count. He missed the predicted date by five months. The REAL date is October 21 however he didn't mention the year so he has another out.....

My T-Mobile phone contact ends sometime in July. I haven't gotten a smart phone. Just been relying on the old flip phone with no internet or texting. As I prepare for my impending retirement (still three years or more away) I am considering at new smart phone. Since I wish to continue my blog on the road I'll likely need a hotspot phone.

So, which one, with which service seems to be working for everyone on the road???

Be safe out there and thanks in advance....

Another Week Closer

Another week begins and is it just me or is the world really screwed up. I hate watching or listening to the news. I fear that by the time I retire (three or four years from now) I won't be able to enjoy myself with trips across the country. Between gas prices and politicians there might not be anything left to live on...

And why the heck is the unemployment so high....Baby boomers (us) are supposed to be retiring in mass numbers and yet the young people coming out of college can't find decent paying jobs and remain unemployed. I thought the news media told us there would not be enough of the generations after us to replace us....Unless a lot of us are staying past retirement....??

I want too, I need too retire....

Have a safe day

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Alone Time

On the day of the Rapture my grandson and I went to check the new trailer. He and his family are going to use it over Memorial Day weekend since neither Mia or I enjoy three day weekends in the park....just too many people and too much chaos. So we plan to stay home. My grandson knows how to operate everything on the trailer so they should have a good time.

I plan to spend the rest of my afternoon enjoying a baseball game, Mariners at San Diego....

Have a great week.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day Off

Got back from shopping and had lunch with my lovely wife and mother of our children....She went back to work and I cleaned the kitchen and both bathrooms.....Now with the sun shining so bright in the sky and Pandora John Denver Radio is playing Dan Fogelberg and The Leader of the Band and I am stepping out to the front porch to take in some much needed vitamin D...Then a nice pork chop dinner...YUMMM

Why Pay Attention

I am standing in front of the barber shop next to a Starbucks waiting for the haircut I have put off for sometime. As I wait for to the shop to open, I watch the cars exiting the drive up lane at the coffee store. On three seperate occasions I see folks texting as they drive and one lady putting on lipstick and another spraying her hair while looking at herself in the rearview mirror.
So, I get my haircut, climb back in my car and head off to Sumner RV. My eyes are now watching other drivers at stop lights and I notice just how distracted they are. In Puyallup a lady pulls up behind me spraying her hair not even looking to see where she is in relation to me.
All these people being distracted is really distracting....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nice Weather

We are experiencing some really nice weather. Sunny and in the mid 60s which is just right for the Pacific Northwest. Since I am working split days off this week I have tomorrow off and the weather forecast is more of the same.

I plan to visit Lowe's, Sumner RV, Camping World and the barbershop tomorrow amongst other things that I hope to accomplish. Getting a bunch of supplies to clean the new RV, check the chalking, soften the rubber gaskets, lube the locks, doors and windows. The trailer was in stock at the dealership for a short time and I am not sure how much of the above was done.

Going to Gold Bar Saturday afternoon to clean out the shed and spend alone time with my new trailer. Got to make sure everything is set up for Mia so she and the grandkids won't have any issues when they arrive without me next weekend....yep, working the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend.

Be safe out there..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sumner RV and Wheels?

I have to say that our experience with Sumner RV in Sumner, Washington was nothing short of fantastic. I am not an easy consumer to deal with. I like to have all the information I need to make a rational decision. Brandon, Larry, Heather and Shawn were all very helpful and made the process really easy. When we arrived at the dealership we where directed to the side lot where Eric gave us a complete walk through and while we signed the documents he unload our old trailer and set up the new one and hooked it up to the truck.

We had discovered a slight leak in the old rig and I didn't feel right not telling them about it and it did cost me a little, but it was a lot less than I had expected.

This is a small, family operation that sells Northwood Manufacturing and Outdoor Manufacturing trailers, fifth wheels and campers. They have many used units in stock both theirs and those that are on consignment.

They are the greatest....If you need or want any of the products...go see them.

(253) 863 - 5644
Toll free:
(888) 863 - 5644
Located at: 4309 East Valley HighwaySumner, WA 98390 HoursMon-Sat: Sales: 8:30-5pm Parts/Service: 8:30-5pm Sunday: Closed

And the wheels....someone with very eagle eyes noticed that when you compare the pictures of the unit before we bought it with the one exterior shot I posted after we bought it......the wheels are different. Suffice to say, I got an upgraded set of wheels and tires off an Arctic Fox fifth wheeler. The gentleman who was purchasing the Arctic Fox didn't want the wheels. Before I even told them I would take it, I suggested they swap the wheels and they did. I was surprised when I arrived to pick it up because they are really a nice upgrade and I suspect I have the only Nash product with Arctic Fox wheels.......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Did It or In With The New, Out With The Old 2

It all starts here. The Nash 25S built by Nash Manufacturing from LaGrande, Oregon. These folks also make the Arctic Fox line of trailers and I am told they are both made in the same plant using the same construction techniques. This unit is 26'11" long, compared with 25'6" in our previous unit. The one and a half feet are used very well by a fuctional and compact floor plan. The frame on this unit is good for off road use and has leaf springs as well as shocks at each axle. A very smooth ride.
It is heavy, weighing 5050 lbs verses the 3257 lbs dry weight of our previous rig. The previous unit had a GVW of 6160 lbs, while this one can handle 8000 lbs. Thank heaven we traded up to the 2010 Chevy Silverado with a 9600 lbs tow capacity. We have solar power with two batteries and now the old man doesn't have to hand crank the tongue. Storage on the outside of the unit is abundant and we have a window facing forward.

So, the interior is spacious and very well organized. There is much more storage capacity in this unit. We put all of the stuff we had in the other trailer away and still had cabinet space left over. Shelfs are in these cabinets instead of just empty cabinets.

There is a laundry chute next to the bed that drops clothes into a basket located in the outside storage well. The bedroom floor is carpeted and with the heated, fully enclosed underbelly the floor is much warmer than our previous unit. Then there is the counch. We didn't have one of these in the other unit. The dinette is similar to the one in the RVison but it is more comfortable and the cushions don't fall out everytime you sit down.

The bathroom is about twice the size of the one we had before. Located in the back of unit, it runs across the width of the unit and includes this huge wardrode/storage cabinet. We have a DSI/Electric water heater that you cannot hear running. The only noisy item in the trailer is the furnace.

Once set up, the trailer sits very solid and doesn't bounce around when you walk around. There are lots of switches, outlets and electrical goodies we didn't have in the previous trailer. And last night the TV with DVD player was a godsend.

Home sweet home....Parked at our camping spot. Just after I took this picture it started to pour buckets of rain. It still hasn't stopped. Our night was uneventful as everything worked as advertised and we contine to reinforce our decision...I feel like such a sinner to enjoy this so much.

Be safe out there..

We Did It or In With The New, Out With The Old

Well we final did it. We are saying goodbye to the R Vision Trail Sport TS24BH. We had thought that this small, compact RV would serve us well as we traveled across the country. After two years of owning and camping it it we both came to the same conclusion. It doesn't work. What would we do with two bunkbeds on the road?
While the trailer was compact, the dinette was possibly one of the most uncomfortable features of the unit, the other being the bathroom which is stuffed in the small area that is only as wide as the dinette seat.

Very little cabinet and storage space was another issue. The drawers were plastic trays inside the large under sink storage area and if you weren't careful pulling them out they would drop their contents on the floor.

The bedroom was okay except for the location of the electrical outlets and no window to the front of the unit.
The outside of the unit was very nice. These units were manufactured just prior to the demise of RVision in 2009 and were mass produced. There were several things that we noticed over the years we had it that helped push us towards the old saying, "you get what you pay for". We are not unhappy that we had the experience with this trailer however we just spent our first night in our new unit and we could not be happier. In fact, I may be sinning, I like it soooo much.

Watch for the next post about the new trailer.

Be safe out there.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Pictures

I forgot that I took pictures of the very trailer we are hoping to purchase while we were at the RV show last weekend....So here is another look. Nope, that isn't us looking at the preowned board. But that is the trailer in the background

This would be the side entry. Notice the additional storage behind the wheel well. The big handle is standard for us old folks. All of the parts that prop or latch the door are metal. No plastic here. Nice stabilizer jacks instead of the goofy little flat bottom gizmos we had on the other trailer. Hope that we can jack the trailer if need be.

So this is the front of the Nash trailer. It has something I have really missed, a front window. I love the plated front end and the light for use when working after dark. The hand crank will be replaced with an electric jack.

This is the interior looking forward. The space aged looking gizmos on the ceiling are speakers and they are everywhere. There is tons of cabinet space in this unit. Ducted air conditioner and heat. Completely heated under belly. R18 insulation in the ceiling. And that couch, complete with storage underneath that can be accessed from inside or outside.

The interior looking to the rear. Lots of cabinets, including under the dinette. A much bigger sink and a pull up counter top. A little storage cabinet at the entry and a TV/DVD player hanging on the wall. Across the back is the bathroom complete with a huge wardrobe closet on one side and a show on the other. Nice vanity with a much larger sink and there is lots more room to change clothes. Plus, for us old folks, a foot pedal on the toilet.

I think we are really going to love this trailer.

Just got to get the financing set, take it for a test tow and get the old trailer appraised. I don't see the financing or test tow being an issue. Our Chevrolet 2wheel drive pickup is rated at 9600 lbs and the max on the trailer is 8,000 and we will never load that much stuff in it.

Be safe out there....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time Flies

So it has been a while since I last posted anything.

The illness has finally left my body and I have some energy. We have gone up to the trailer two weekends in a row and actually cleared alot of brush while cutting back the ferns and overgrown plant life. While sitting eating dinner one night both my wife and I commented on the usefulness of our current trailer configuration. Surprisingly, we both had the same reaction. We need a change. So last Friday we went to the last RV show in our area. We arrived at the show, walked through the gate and arrived a display for the RV dealer we purchased our last trailer from.
The very first trailer that we looked at became the standard for the rest of the show. Nothing lived up to it. Meet the Northwood Manufacturing, 2011 Nash 25S.
The interior is bigger, we have a couch and heck of alot more storage.

The exterior has no, none, zero slides.

More pictures will follow once the unit is in our possession. It will have solar power and alot of extras our current trailer does not have.
Be safe out there...