Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Final Graduation Post

We left the North American RV Park in West Glacier this morning and drove as far as Spokane Valley just east of Spokane, Washington, where we have taken up residence in a KOA park complete with a nice unheated swimming pool.  The temperatures are in the upper 80's so the cooling effects of a cold pool definitely help the tired driving muscles.  We have just finished dinner.  Nothing says camping like pizza.

We have had a wonderful time on this journey with our grandson.  He has not only been a big help with the trailer but he is an encyclopedia of information with regard to geology, nature and he has acted as co-pilot and navigator throughout the trip.  He took his last hike in Glacier National Park yesterday.  His goal is to hike 80,000 in elevation before year end.  After yesterdays hike it appears he is just over the 60,000 mark and should surpass his  original goal.

I took many pictures, well over 2,000.  In both Glacier and Yellowstone it is practically impossible to take a bad picture.  I suppose it could be down but I am not sure how.  Everything is so vast and open for city folks.  I find myself wondering what would have happened had I decided to stay on the farm instead of going the route I chose.

Some of my pictures from the trip to the east side of Glacier.

Flowers along the way

Wild life encounters

 It has been too much fun.  We will be home tomorrow or the next day and I wish I could go back again, now.