Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The medications didn't arrive as we expected that they might.  The U.P.S. website shows the last scan as 
Evansville, IN, United States05/22/20153:53 P.M.Electronic Shipment Information Received for Package by Post Office
Basically saying that the pills were in Evansville, Indiana last Friday afternoon and as near as we can tell they haven't moved since.  The estimated delivery date is tomorrow, May 27th, so we will wait and see if they arrive with the mail.

Having no particular expectation for today we took off and headed up into my favorite part of the states we are visiting, Amish Country.  Here in Kentucky it is less of a tourist destination and more of a really Amish experience unless you consider some of the Amish who are trying to make a buck out of their homes.  It is very interesting to visit some of the different business such as Mast Lawn Furniture and Bakery.  Obviously Amish the home sits on a slight hillside with large trees to shade it from the hot summer sun.  White like all Amish homes it is very inviting from the outside.  You park next to the barn where a young Amish mother with her daughter are unhitching a buggy.  I walked up the steps and opened the back door and found myself in a small mudroom just off the kitchen.  The kitchen in this house must be the biggest room in the house though it only had on old time stove and oven.  The lady of the house invited me in and and I looked around and talked with her for several minutes.  Being Tuesday it is her laundry day and she doesn't bake.  She usually has baked goods for the weekend.  Sadly we hope to be gone by then. 

We stopped at another farm that advertised with a hand painted sign that they had baked goods.  Unfortunately for me, no cinnamon rolls.  But she did have some banana nut bread.  I am a sucker for that and I bought a loaf.  Attached to her kitchen was the Shady Trail Saddle Shop.  Her husband is a journeyman leather worker making saddles, bridles and belts.  Beautiful belts.

Normally I would take pictures but these folks are the ones who don't want pictures taken so I wasn't about to take any chances of accidentally messing up and capturing something that I shouldn't.  Each person I met and spoke to were very friendly and even when they where a little standoffish I can certainly understand their position.  We stopped several places and spoke to several Amish folks and they all excepted us easily.

Out on the county roads folks here in Kentucky drive like they are all trying to delivery moonshine to some destination and can't afford to get caught.  I swear, male or female, when they get in the car it is like the revenuers are on their tails.  Fifty-five translates to seventy-five and when it is time to slow down in town it all depends on if the township has a police department.  Those with get some to slow down to ten miles over and those without, no slow down.

We stopped at the Marion Pit Bar-B-Q and had some pulled pork with salad and baked beans for lunch.  This place is light with the sauce and it was very yummy.

We haven't seen any huge plantations or fancy big houses as depicted in "Gone With The Wind" but we have seen some pretty nice houses, some very recently built.  These two are for sale.  Most of the homes around here have an acre or more of property and the vast majority of them have huge, lush, green lawns that the proprietor mows regularly with their tractors.  Yep, tractors.  No riding mowers here.

The last thing I have for you is our dessert that we had after dinner tonight.  Imagine Amish banana nut bread (baked this morning) with a layer of fresh strawberries (that we got from a little old Amish couple in Salem, Kentucky) topped with store bought (I know) whipped cream.  Can't see it????
Here's a picture.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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