Friday, April 17, 2015

Weather Is Closing In On Us

While I am feeling a little better the cough still hasn't gone away and unfortunately Mia as become nearly as ill as I was.  The only saving grace for her is she can sleep while I drive giving her much needed rest.

We drove from Raton, New Mexico to Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are spending the night here in the KOA.  It is a pretty large, clean and organized place compared to some of the KOA's we have stayed in lately.  The drive here from Raton made me wish we had four wheel drive but we took it easy and managed to make it over the pass and down into Colorado Springs in the early afternoon.  The snow covered hills of Pikes Peak followed us all the way into town.

While it didn't snow really hard here in Colorado Springs, it did rain.  I am told by the folks running the park that it rain like crazy all night.  I woke up to frozen pipes so I was inquiring about the possibility of freezing.  They claim it has frozen here in some time.  There is a creek that runs through the park, Fountain Creek, that looks more like a torrential river.  There are large amounts of muddy water flowing over a waterfall just behind the part.

Colorado Springs is primarily a military town with clearly the majority of the population working in or for the military.  The Air Force Academy resides here.  Then there is the U.S. Olympic Training Center is here.  There are many fast moving, jet powered war planes in the sky over the park.

We have settled in for the night after a lite dinner, and I can't help myself, I have to post a picture of the correct way to open a can of chili.
Weather conditions have got me wondering which direction to take from here.  I signed up for one night here and we may or may not move to the Denver area.  Both Mia and I think we should lay up for a couple of days and get better and get some things done.  Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska are all having weather conditions that really aren't good for travel.  There was a multi-vehicle (70) collision outside Cheyenne yesterday and the traffic cams into Wyoming offer no better results.  Nebraska is under tornado watch so I am thinking a short drive to Denver and staying somewhere close.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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