Friday, April 24, 2015

Watertown, South Dakota

We made the three day, 700 mile trip from Bennett, Colorado to Watertown South Dakota unfortunately we are about a month early for finding any place to camp.  Both the county and the city parks are closed until May 1st so we wandered about the neighborhood and found the Dakota Sioux Casino Hotel about seven miles from historic downtown Watertown.

We came up early to celebrate my cousin's 93rd birthday tomorrow.  After parking the trailer and unhooking we went to town, got propane and returned to the trailer.  We were then invited to have supper (dinner out west) with members of my family.  We went to visit my cousin who lives at Jenkins Living Center, aptly named because people who find themselves here are expected to live.  She was spry as ever and with five other members of the family there we had a blast, laughing and joking each other.  My daughter in Seattle even got into the act.  One of my cousin's took a photo of Mia and I with gram and posted it on Facebook.  One of the other, not present family members, asked if we were in town too.  The cousin who took the photo answered, no, photoshopped.  My daughter commented, "did someone mention photoshop".  A couple of minutes the original picture reappeared on Facebook photoshopped by my daughter and adding her face just over my shoulder.  We laughed so hard we had to call her and chat.


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