Friday, April 10, 2015

Can You Say Suspicious

We left Camp Verde for the drive to Sun Valley, Arizona yesterday.  I wasn't feeling very good but I slowly got everything ready and we headed on to the highway.  We left around eight and I knew it was going to be climb most of the way.  We drove through Winslow again to get gas and lunch.  We arrived at our destination, Root 66 RV Park, shortly after two in the afternoon.

As we pulled down the road towards the park there was a feeling that something wasn't right.  My suspicious nature took over.  When I made the reservation the lady said it was cash only.  Looking at the park I can see why.  This is a Passport America park and it certainly doesn't say much for their service.  The sign at the entry said, "For Sale by Owner."  I surveyed the park and didn't see anyone else in the place.  Wheeling around and heading out I was reminded of the Criminal Minds show where the couple pulled into a older motel in the middle of nowhere and all hell broke lose.

A couple of miles back we passed a KOA so we went back there to see if they had a spot.  Obviously they did as there were only a few RV's parked.  As the afternoon went on, more folks pulled in for the night.  We are going to stay here tonight as well and head to Grants, NM on Saturday putting us closer to Albuquerque for our Monday appointment.

The head cold is still with me and I coughed most of the night away.  Feeling sorry that Honey and Mia have no place to get away from my coughing.  Maybe I got a total of four hours of restless sleep last night.  I don't feel real bad physically but my head is clogged pretty good and the cough is relentless.  We are going to see the Petrified Forest National Park today and visit the Painted Desert that is a part of the park.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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