Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moving Day

Except for the wind, hail, thunder, lighting and rain, staying here at the Dakota Sioux Casino/Hotel has been a very peaceful experience.  We had company last night as someone pulled in to stay in a motorhome two sites down from ours.  We had the privilege of being the first to use the new RV pads.  We got a couple of bucks to play and I quickly lost all of mine.  Mia has until two this afternoon to spend hers cause we have to move.

We are pulling out and heading over to one of my cousin's homes.  They have cordially given us space alongside their home to leave the trailer while we head off to the western part of the state to visit Rushmore and Rapid City.  We'll leave early in the morning, spending tonight in a motel at the end of Watertown.  We have reservations for four nights in Rapid City before returning to Watertown to retrieve the trailer and decide what our next move is going to be.

We have had an amazing time here with the cousins.  You can't believe the hospitality until you experience it.  Middle America is somewhat different than the two ends.  So many people are hurried, looking to make money and forgetting the really important stuff, family, friends and taking care of each other.  Here in Watertown people nod as you walk down the street even if they don't know you.  Most everyone knows everyone else and they greet strangers as if they are friends.  We noticed the same thing in Nebraska.  It is so laid back and just plan "down home" fun.

It is all about family.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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