Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Complete Failure To Communicate

With myself.

It started as we left Colorado Springs this morning heading to Strasburg, Colorado east of Denver.  Apparently I failed to carefully prepare myself by ensuring I had my directions straight.  By the time I realized my error we were already north of Denver and leaving town.  We stopped to re-route ourselves and finally got turned around and headed in the correct direction.  We ended up getting to the Strasburg KOA where we will be staying for the next three days.

We continue to hope that the weather gets better but all of the forecasts seem to indicate anything but clearing.  Tornados, rain, hail, sleet, snow and all matter of nasty weather is closing in on us.  According to the forecasts anything could hit the central area of the country over the next few days from Mexico all the way to Nebraska and Kansas.  We are hunkered down in hopes of better days ahead and that Mia and I can rid ourselves of the cold and coughing.  I am getting better, though I cough like a seal when I lay down and Mia is, unfortunately, three or four days behind me.  She isn't feeling all that great.

We were driving into Colorado yesterday with Pandora on the John Denver channel thinking how great it was that they played Rocky Mountain High as we crossed into the state.  The night before we had been in New Mexico with freezing weather keeping the water from flowing into the trailer.  Everything was frozen and I was to cold to mess dumping the tanks.  We where discussing the gambit of weather conditions that we have seen since we left home a month and a half ago.  We started with cool temperatures as we traveled I-5 south to California ending up in Arizona at Eloy and unexpected ninety six degree weather.  A couple of weeks ago we decided to head north to New Mexico and temperatures in the south and central area were fine.  Once we arrived in the northern half of the state things began to change and now, here in Colorado, we are experiencing mid day temperatures in the forties and lows in the upper 20's.

One thing I can say is we were smart enough to bring lots of blankets and the heater works great.  It is just possible we won't post anything for a couple of days.  We expect to rest and relax.  We are far enough from anything that neither of us feel like driving to go see them so I think we are hanging right here in the trailer researching our future travels, napping, and eating.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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