Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hills Are Alive With The Signs Of Ancient

We were up in time to get the trailer over to Camping World before they officially opened.  I made the arrangements with the staff to have the Fantastic Fan installed and the 30/15 house circuit breaker replaced.  We took off to investigate Albuquerque.

We started by going to the Petroglyph National Monument.  It is surprising close to the outskirts of Albuquerque.  In fact it is so close that house are backed up to the border line of the city.  Most of the park will not allow dogs, even on a leash, to hike on the trails however the lady at the visitors center directed us to a location that a housing development boards and the trail is often used by residents to walk their dogs.  She said we would be okay with Honey at that location.

It took us a little while to find the parking lot.  The maps that they give and the directions are slightly convoluted so we wandered around until we were able to get the map orientation figured out.  Once we found the lot we parked and hiked a little more than a mile around a loop along a wall of basalt rocks created by a series of volcanic eruptions some 200,000 years ago.  It is believed that not only did the ancients leave their marks but so did early Spanish settlers to the region.  The majority of these images were created by the ancestors of today's Pueblo people and other native tribes traveling through the area.  You could climb the rocks for days and likely not see all of the 5,000 documented images out of the 20,000 or more that they suspect exist.

Ancients and others pecked at the black surface of the basalt until they revealed the lighter color of the interior rock.

We spent several hours wandering about Albuquerque and visited several Quilt shops as well.  Most of the Quilt shops were closed.  We spent time driving on Central Ave (Route 66) that goes from the park we are in all the way through the central city, pasted University of Mexico and on out of town.  Much of this section of Albuquerque looks like sections of other towns bypassed by the installation of the interstate highway system.

We returned to Camping World around four and the trailer was ready.  Our new fan was installed but unfortunately they could not find at 30/15 circuit breaker so that project is still undone.  Northwood told me it should be easy to find as it is a common breaker used in RV applications.  Sadly we have tried several RV shops, stores and Camping Worlds and no one seems to stock it.  The gentleman who came out to look at it in Picacho said it needed to be for RV and wasn't something you would find at a hardware store or Home Depot.  Sadly I had to email Northwood again to see if they can give me some help locating one.  I can't believe it is this hard since so many trailers have 30 amp service and I am sure it is combined with the 15 amp breaker as well.

The fan works great, just got to go back and get the directions.  We also walked out with a new Weber Q1000 grille and and adjustable 4' long table that folds in half for storage.
Today we are off to Santa Fe via the Turquoise Trail.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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