Saturday, April 11, 2015

Short Drive Felt Longer

Saturday we drove from Holbrook, AZ to Grants, NM today and with the time change we ended up arriving at the KOA on time, giving us several hours to recover from my sleepless, cough filled night before.  We listened to old radio shows to keep me awake on the drive here and stopped often.  We arrived at the Continental Divide, stopped to visit an Indian Curio shop and I went across Route 66 to take a picture of the official marker denoting were water flows to the Pacific and Atlantic.

It was off to a fuel stop and lunch before finishing our morning drive.  I was tired and felt wasted and Mia is now coming down with the same crud.  I am hoping it goes away soon.

We arrived at the Grants KOA and were surprised to find a lava rock field right next to the park.  It seems that there is a mountain here called Mt. Taylor that blew its face off similar to Mt St. Helens.  The difference is that Taylor blew millions of years ago.  Apparently the two mountains share a sisterhood because neither blew their tops.  Who knew?  There is a trail that lets you walk into the lava field and it is a great place to walk the dog. 

We won't post anything tomorrow, Sunday as we will be setting in the CampingWorld parking lot and I am not sure when or where we will be once the folks there are done with trailer.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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