Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Much Needed Service Work

Since we have been on the road for some time I decided to check my engine oil reminder device to see how we were doing.  According to the sticker I am overdue for an oil change but according to the trucks sensors I have 32% usage left.  Not being one to take chances (considering so long upcoming drives) I decided to get the truck serviced yesterday morning since we had already decided to stay around the park and do laundry and such.

I called Galles Chevrolet in Albuquerque to see if I needed an appointment.  A nice young lady, Ashley, asked me what I needed done and informed me that I could wait as long as I got there before four in the afternoon.  I left and went down and got in line to go into the shop.  A nice young man, Mike, came out and wrote me up for the oil change and tire rotation and I went to sit in the waiting room.

Across from where I was sitting was the children's play room.  A nice walled structure with a door and in the back what looked like a safe.  I asked what they did with unruly kids and they laughed at my suggestion that they use the safe.

They have a beautiful dealership with a massive shop that appears to be busy.  They are a very efficient operation and everyone seems to being trying to do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy.  There were no off hand discussions about anything in the public area.  Everything was very professional and I was in and out within the hour and a half quoted, complete with a nice clean truck. I felt it was a bargain at $60.00 and I would highly recommend them anytime you are in Albuquerque area with a GM product that needs service.

Since we are heading north there will be no more opportunity to discuss Route 66 until we hook up with it again in some other state.  It is sad to see the devastating results of progress.  I guess it is necessary but it seems that all along the route the small towns that used to cater to travelers and bustle with business are now dried up.  Many motels are gone.  A couple were right next to each outer just about three miles towards town from our location.  I took pictures of the signs but the motels are now an empty, dirt lot.  I am not sure what they didn't take the signs down when they demolished the buildings.  Sadly they are remnants of the past lurking in the present. 

Even though I felt terrible we decided to start our trip north on Thursday.  We drove about five hours and arrived at Raton, New Mexico.  We found the KOA park as the skies busted loose with hail and loud thunder.  I was dead tired and wasn't hungry so I spent the remainder of the day resting, sleeping and wishing the damned head cold would go away.

This morning I arose to the sound of loud thunder and what sounded like hail.  I went out after it stopped and found a half an inch of sleet like stuff all over and it is cold.  I don't think this will pose a problem since we are skirting the mountains.  We will see more of this stuff but I don't think it will be worse.  Today we will move into Colorado.  Not sure where we will end up.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping bye.

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