Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Second Leg Done

The second leg of our three day, 700 mile trip is done.  This morning we left North Platte, Nebraska and using county roads, drove to Presho, South Dakota where we have pulled into New Frontier RV Park.  This 18 acre park is pretty nice.  We appear to be alone together with ourselves at least for the moment.  Looking forward do a good nights sleep and then off on the final leg of our adventure and our ultimate destination.  It was cold but not freezing as the sun rose over the trailer this morning.

Using county roads we traveled through the rolling hills of northern Nebraska.  The corn fields with last years stalks still in the dirt waiting to be plowed under for this years crop.  Fields of hay growing green across the hills.  Stacks of round and rectangular bails of hay laying across the freshly cut fields.  Farms and ranches miles apart as you travel down the two lane roads.  Farm vehicles move up and down frontage roads where there is real red dirt.  This is my favorite place on earth and when we arrived in South Dakota, the landscape didn't change.  Maybe a little more grass land but otherwise the same.

In Valentine, Nebraska we found a quilt shop and Mia had me drive around the block so she could visit.

We had to travel a ways down I-90 to get to Presho.  The scenery is sort of the same but the traffic is terrible.  I hate having to deal with others on interstate.  Tomorrow I have a choice of county roads or interstate.  I still haven't decided which I will take.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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