Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One More Day In Picacho

One more day of fairly extreme heat and we are out of here.  The forecast today is calling for a high of ninety around four o’clock this afternoon.  We will have a seven to eighteen mile per hour breeze, which should help cool it down faster this evening.  It was sixty-eight degrees out this morning when I went to Casa Grande to wash and vacuum the truck.  I still have a little detail work to do but it will be fine because once we hit the interstate tomorrow, hundreds of bugs will commit suicide on our windshield as well as the front grille of the truck and the flat front of our trailer.

I am close to running out of coffee and because I have no idea if there is a Starbucks around Camp Verde, I stopped this morning and got a bag of French Roast ground to use in the coffee presses that I have along with me.  They kind of kidded me about the fact that I wanted a dark roast coffee.  On of the gals said, “You’re pretty brave getting a whole bag of dark roast."  I didn’t quite understand that remark and told them that I was from Seattle (hometown to Starbucks) and their response was, “Oh, so you know coffee?" I asked what they met and from their response I gather that not too many people here in Arizona drink any roast past a medium.  They said they keep it for snowbirds but the majority of the coffee sold here is light or medium.  Wow, we are in cowboy country and I thought cowboys like their coffee strong.  Guess not.

I was able to procure an impact driver yesterday and got the cover off the AC unit.  I was kind of expecting some blockage in the evaporator coils but much to my surprise there was nothing but dust and a couple of bigger items when I brushed the coils with a stiff brush that I have.  I took the model and serial numbers and got on the homepage of the manufacturer of the unit and read some of the information available regarding the operation of the unit.  When we purchased the trailer, I read every piece of paper that came with it regarding the different accessories and their care and operation.  The AC unit seemed to be the one thing I really didn’t need to worry about that much.  The manual said the maintenance was minimal and included ensuring the filter was clean, which I have done.  On the website it talks about a high-pressure safety switch that will shut down the compressor until the 115v circuit breaker has been reset.  It explains that should the AC unit continually kick the circuit breaker off you must see a qualified AC technician to get the issue resolved.  Since we only have one more day in the heat and the fan works I am going to wait until I can plan a stop at a Camping World or other maintenance shop for repairs along the way and I think we will have the install the Fantastic Fan option in the center roof vent over the passenger area.

We spent the remainder of the day suffering through the heat.  We didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything except visit the pool in the mid-afternoon where I just could not bring myself to get out before I had spent two hours in the water.  We ate lite yesterday because neither of us felt like doing much of anything and we were trying to help Honey remain cool.  It is cooler in the TV room of the office so we went down and spent a couple of ours with another couple chatting and watching a show about the Mafia on Reel TV.  It helped cool Honey down and she was doing much better when we returned home.

Today will be spent preparing to move early tomorrow morning.  I have a little bit of detail work to do the truck, tire pressure and oil levels to check and then I need to check the tires on the trailer and get everything ready and set up so I can just get up, lock the door, put the steps up and climb in the truck and leave.  I should be able to get the vast majority of those things out of the way early while it is still a little cooler.  We have made reservations to have dinner at the Chuckwagon tonight so we won’t have a mess to clean up inside the trailer and one of the several couples we have met here is going to have a fire at their site tonight and we have been invited to attend.  Beyond spending more time in the pool this afternoon that is about the extent of our plans for the day.

You likely won't hear from us for a couple of days.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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