Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Quick 700 Mile Trip In Three Days

While we still don't feel 100% we left earlier than normal this morning and hit the road on the first day of a three day 700 mile trip.  Our plans have changed some as you can tell.  We left Bennett, Colorado this morning and made 271 miles to North Platte, Nebraska.  With a good portion of the miles taken up we can take alternate (county roads) to our destination instead of spending so much time on the Interstate.  We were on county roads for a short time this morning and the driving was so much more pleasant and I wasn't nearly as tired driving.

Great scenery certainly helps.

We made a few stops but none longer than a hour.  We lost an hour when we stepped across the Central Time Zone.

We are now a couple hundred miles inside Nebraska and I have yet to see a State Police car.  In fact, nearly every state we have been in so far, don't seem to have too many State Patrol Officers.  Arizona is the exception as they are everywhere.  In Colorado every State owned vehicle has blue and red lights.  It seems the thinking is, people slow down for the lights no matter what kind of vehicle they are on.  I doubt I will see any tomorrow on the county roads.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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