Saturday, April 18, 2015


In June 2012, A&E television released a new program called Longmire.  Based on a series of books written by Craig Johnson, it follows the adventures of a sheriff in the rural county of Absaroka in Wyoming.  While his personal life is a shambles due to the recent death of his wife he scrambles to make himself valid once again.

Even though the show commanded 4.6 millions viewer for every episode and a rabid fan base it was cancelled by A&E in August 2014.  A&E cited their desire to go a different direction.  There was no notice of the cancellation so the show ended on the final episode of the third year with a gunshot after an encounter between two of members of the cast.

There are very few television shows that I enjoy but I could relate to the struggles that Longmire faced as he tried to get himself up each day to go to work.  Making several mistakes but always finding a way to get around them in the end.  He runs for reelection in a race with his own deputy, while dealing with a new, big city, female deputy and an overweight, underachieving deputy.  His struggles with his daughter trying to reach a connection after the lose of her mother.

He is a throw back to the past with a strong sense of duty and justice.  It was a well written show and I enjoyed watching it and was not happy with the way it ended.

So I am in New Mexico when I read in a local paper that the Longmire series has begun filming in and around Las Vegas and Pueblo New Mexico for the fourth season to be release later this year on Netflix.  Apparently Netflix picked up the program and will complete at least one more year of episodes.  Funny, Hollywood or whoever, generally doesn't use the area they adopt for a show for the actual filming.  New Mexico is a state (Colorado) away from Wyoming but it appears serve the program well and northern New Mexico is more than happy to have them filming.
We drove by the town center which is the backdrop for Walt Longmire's office.  This isn't my picture because it was tight and pulling a trailer and finding a place to park was impossible.  But we were there and if filming was happening then it was somewhere else.  I look foreword to season four and hopefully more.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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