Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Ramblings and Projects

It was a fairly warm Friday evening.  We finished dinner and had taken Honey for her evening walk.  We settled down next to the trailer in our nice big outdoor recliners, under the awning to enjoy the sounds of nature while writing stuff for the blog and working on puzzles.  It is 70 degrees outside with a breeze of up to 6 miles an hour.  The air is warm so the trailer is a little stuffy at the moment. 
We walked up to the clubhouse to donate some paperbacks that Mia had finished reading.  I love my Kindle to much to donate it to the clubhouse. 
I have walked a couple of times today and my knee has reminded me that it is there both times.  I have taken a pain pill and a Tylenol type medication to see what happens.  So far, no relief from the pain although I feel pretty good and a little high.
Honey looks a little out of place.  She keeps looking to get into some ones lap.  She is sitting with Mia after wandering around with a rather forlorn look on her face.  She appears to feel out of place here at the trailer in the woods although this is the first time she has shown this attitude.  She acts like she would prefer to be inside the trailer as opposed to being outside with us.
We don’t appear to have many neighbors this weekend so it is fairly quiet except for one live in lady behind us and her yelling at her dog that as far as I am concerned, she shouldn’t have in the first place.
My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier.  I didn’t realize how much these little pain pills affect me.  I always take them just before bed and think nothing of it when I go to sleep.  No wonder I sleep well in the first few hours after taking these.  I was actually wondering if they worked at all.

It is Saturday morning and wow did I sleep well last night.  I kind of woke up after a short nap in my chair and was going to submit my ramblings as a blog post but the park wi-fi was weak or dead so I couldn’t get it done.  It is still no allowing a log on this morning.  Mia made a fantastic breakfast concoction and I took Honey out for her morning walk.  Mia has left to take a walk around the park.  She originally planned to hike up to Wallace Falls but it started to rain and she didn’t feel like going.  She has left Honey with me and she is sitting on the couch looking rather dejected as I type away on the keyboard and drink my last cup of coffee.
Once the coffee is gone I will have no further excuse to sit and do nothing so I will get to some of the projects that I have planned for the weekend.  My knee feels fairly good at the moment, but still reminds me that it is there with pain every now and then.  There was no call or email from my doctor regarding the MRI so I suspect I won’t being hearing anything until sometime next week.  I really don’t feel that it is a torn rotator.  I guess I’ll find out next week.
I have a list o fprojects that need to be done around the trailer.  We bought what looks like some nifty under counter drawers to install in the trailer so I got out some tools and did just that and I have the pictures to prove it but my phone has yet to share them with Picasa so you'll have to wait.

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  1. enjoy your weekend!..hope that Honey settles in eventually!