Sunday, June 24, 2012

RV verses Boat

Are you ready for this one?  Over the years Mia and I have had several boats and RV's.  Mia doesn't do well on the water.  Something about the horizon line, motion and her stomach.  Suffice it to say, that the years boats have become a not discussion point with us.  But I got to thinking about boats and RV's.  What kind of bang for your buck do you get in a boat verses and RV.  This called for some research.  To make it easy to understand I am going to stick with what I know and the size that would fit me and my pocket book.
As most of you know, we purchased a new 2011 Nash 25S trailer at the beginning of 2011.  I am thinking you would need something like the Sea Ray 260 Sundancer to compare with.  The Nash is 26' 11" and has a dry weight of 5050 lbs while the Sea Ray is 26' 7"weighing in at 6950 lbs dry.

2012 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer for sale | Lewisville, TX 

The above link will provide you with some amazing pictures of a 2012 260 that will sell new for between 100 and 140k with no trailer.  Keep in mind that we got our Nash for less that 25k.