Friday, June 15, 2012

Living The Dream Thru You

I don't have any idea how many blogs are on my reader list.  Some are direct feeds while others are RSS feeds that I receive emails about recent postings.  I only know that if I leave my computer overnight I will generally have 15 - 40 postings before I get back to it the next morning.  After marking them as read and going to work, I usually return home to the same number of blogs.

Some write daily, others weekly.  Some write about everything they are doing.  Some are on trips while others are home remodeling.  Some are planning while others are doing.  Some want to know while others already know.  Some are modifying or repairing their RV's while others just drive them.  Some post tons of pictures of where they are, what they eating, who they are eating with, sunsets, animals and family while others just write.  Some have good weather while others are caught in hail storms or tornado alley.  Some have no issues as they travel, while others endure hardships, flat tires, burning cars, electrical issues and all sorts of other minor and major problems.

I get up early each morning and sit down with my coffee to read each post and look at the pretty pictures of places I want to go.  As I look at all the assembled information I dream of the day that Mia and I will leave on trips across America.  I am sorry that I do not comment more.  There are those that comment almost daily, but working causes time constraints for me.

Today I am on vacation and it is like a Sunday morning.  I have finished reading all the blogs and Mia and Honey are up and moving about.  Soon we will feed Honey and take a morning walk (not me, the knee still hurts) followed by a quick jaunt to the grocery store to pick up supplies for the weekend and then we are off to the trailer in the woods for a weekend of relaxation, just the two of us.  I so look forward to our time together at the lot.

So have a great day.   I am taking the computer with me so if there is time I will keep caught up and let you know what is happening in our world.

God Bless all of you.


  1. Ken, I am like you, follow lots of blogs, enjoy all the various things people are doing. Kind of my way to "people watch". Sometimes have to think that we "know" more about our "blogger friends" than we do our own family. For the most part, with the kids all grown and with families of their own, they are busy living life. Same with siblings. So...I enjoy reading...blogs of all types. Don't comment much, but do enjoy them. I always enjoy reading yours, but there again, don't comment much.

    You enjoy your vacation time and sorry to hear of your problems with your knee. Keep the faith, life, love life!

  2. Once upon a time not too long ago we were in your position -- reading blogs and waiting to start our journey. Then life happened and the next thing we knew we were on the road...and we are LOVING it. Your time will come when you too will be posting about all your wonderful adventures! God bless!

  3. Ken, that was a great summary of what various bloggers are up to and what they write about. I find almost all blogs an interesting read even if it happens to be about ordinary days - like mine!!

  4. we are in the same 'boat' as you ..reading and dreaming along the way..sometimes I think I am just a 'glutton for punishment'..when you want something to happen so badly and it seems like such a long way off or just an unrealistic dream..somedays it is hard to read all the travel blogs just makes us want it even more...
    take care and enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. Rick, your blog is far from ordinary. You should charge admission for all the tips and information you supply.