Sunday, June 24, 2012


The diagnosis for what was causing all my leg pain is Osteoarthritis.  This type of arthritis can flare up at any time and go away just as fast.  I had some very severe pain days during the month long flare up.  Some were not as bad as others.  As the appointment approach it stopped.

Last Sunday going into Monday I had one of the most severe pain days.  My leg hurt so bad Sunday night that I could not sleep.  I went to work and came home hobbled up.  It carried into Tuesday with a lower degree of pain.  Wednesday was a low pain day but this had happened before, earlier in the month and I was expecting another flare up Thursday.  I woke up to nearly no pain on Thursday and had one of my best days in a month.  I went into the doctor office on Friday morning with no pain but some slight stinging when I would bend the knee tight.

The doctor, using the earlier x ray, MRI and my description of the symptoms came to the conclusion that I have Osteoarthritis.  He told me that it could flare up at any time.  In fact the next time it flares up I am to call the nurse and make arrangements to come in immediately for an injection.  I have had injections to the knee before and it isn't fun but he says if it is Osteoarthritis I can expect instant relief.  So I'll look at as an opportunity to confirm the diagnosis.

I hope the doctor is right.  I feel really good right now with zero pain.  Attitude is much improved.

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