Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Can Be An Idiot.

Mia's brother Brian and friend Arden invited us to his house for a Saturday afternoon walk on the beach and dinner on the deck of their house.

They live above Puget Sound with a beautiful home that has some great views of the water as well as the surrounding area and the Olympics on a clear day.

I knew we were supposed to go on Saturday.  Somehow with all the issues I had been facing this past month I got confused and accidentally scheduled myself to work Saturday.  Talk about an idiot.

So I went to work and my grandson Zach filled my shoes and escorted Mia to the affair in my place.  He did an excellent job and I was very proud of him.

When I got off work I went over and walked down to the house.  From the garage on the street it is about 1/8 of mile down hill to the house.  It is steep and not without hazards.  I succeeded in making the trip down and found my son, his wife Emily and son James, Mia and Zach all sitting around enjoying the view with a rip roaring fire going in the outside fireplace and dinner close to ready to serve.  We had a great salmon dinner with salads and a lemon cake.  Great times with the family.  I got to play with James and he was being really good to me.

I have a very long week ahead of me.  Have a great week.

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