Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pain and Suffering

It is a dreary, rainy, early Saturday afternoon as I sit in the trailer and pound out some blog entries and work on other things using Word.  No point in going outside as it is raining off and on.
 We didn’t make it to Gold Bar on Friday night like we usually do because Mia had to work a little later than she had expected.  That was okay because I would not have been real comfortable in the trailer. 
I’ll get to me in a minute, but first I’ll inform you of an issue that arose a little over a week ago.  We noticed that Honey was favoring one front paw.  We suspected she might have something in between the pads as Mia had seen what looked like dried blood.  But we never saw the cut and she didn’t seem to get any better.  By last Sunday night she was hobbling pretty good and not putting a lot of weight on it.  You know it has to hurt if she isn’t putting any of her weight (she is really small) on it.
Mia took her to the vet on Monday and was informed that Honey is suffering from a serious shoulder inflammation that could become chronic if we aren’t able to get it cured.  So for two weeks, no long walks for Honey and she has to be carried everywhere and can only go out to go potty.  They gave her some pills and they tend to keep her quiet.  She is not a happy camper because she loves her walks.  She makes like she wants to go outside hoping someone will take her for a walk.  It is very painful to watch an otherwise active dog go through something like this.
Likewise it is painful to go through a similar circumstance.   My shoulder is still bothering me.  Sometimes the aching is so bad I just want to scream.  I am working full days and trying to keep up but the pain is so bad sometimes that I just want to crawl off into a hole.
Add to that, my managerial decision to allow the guys who  work Saturday to have Monday off thus putting myself up to fill the empty holes on the counter and sure as heck something else is going to pop up.  I have and MRI scheduled for the 13th and I suspect I will (I hope) finally find out what is causing the shoulder pain.  Being on my feet all day last Monday left me suffering from knee pain that night.  An ice pack and rest and it seemed better on Tuesday.  I didn’t have to work the counter Tuesday so things were fine until Wednesday when one of the guys didn’t come in and I was put back on the counter to assist.  By the time Friday came, my knee was really sore and I hobbled in the house last night, took a pain pill and went to bed early.  The shoulder pain I have had up to now was nothing compared to the pain that developed in my right leg after I went to bed.  I thought more than once of having Mia call 911.  I suffered for two hours and finally fell asleep.  I awoke at midnight to discover no pain in the leg or knee but my shoulder was aching again, so I got up.  It was 1:30 am when I climbed out of bed.
I could understand all of this if there was swelling and/or obvious inflammation.  But nothing, absolutely nothing.  I will continue to work through it.  I suspect I’ll have to have my knee looked at after the shoulder is diagnosed.  I said something to my boss about all this stuff late last week and he looked at me and said, “Ain’t getting old a bitch”.  I responded with some words he hadn’t heard me say very often and I won’t repeat here.
This should be interesting.  I have a weak wifi signal from the park office.  Wonder how long it will take for this blog entry to download.


  1. sure hope that you feel better soon! is tough when working causes discomfort..hope that Honey's recovery is a quick and easy one!..hard to keep a dog quiet that is for sure, especially one that enjoyys getting out for walks!!

    1. Sue, Doug,
      You have no idea how much this is killing Honey to not go on walks with Mia and I. I hope to have some answers later this month as to my apparent disabilities.