Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Definitely Different

I can't say that I have ever experience anything quite like the MRI.  The young ladies who addressed my issue were very patient and caring individuals especially with nervous nelly.  I managed to get myself into the room and on to the table without too much thought about what was about to happened.  They pushed my shoulder under an antenna, raised my knees with some pillows and use a chock block (like we use with our RV tires) to keep me from rolling and then they handed me the get out of jail button.  Just in case I felt I couldn't continue and need out, I merely needed to press the button.

I figured I would meditate, pray and generally not think about the fact that I was in what could double for a coffin.  It is hard not to think about it with all that racket.  It sounded like a pile driver was beating some large timbers into solid bedrock.  I forgot how many scans they did.  They asked me if I was okay in between each scan and I said yes.  It took roughly a half and hour and I suspect I will hear from the doctor in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, it is off to a meeting at a local community college tomorrow and then out of here for the weekend.

Hope everyone is safe and thanks for the well wishes..


  1. I hate those MRI machines. Last time I went, I had a open MRI. Same technology but the sides are open and you don't feel like you are being buried alive. Hope you get some answers and can get some treatment.

  2. Definitely not my fav thing either. Hope the docs figure everything out sooner than later and you get some relief!

  3. sounds very familiar since I work for a medical imaging department at our local is a noisy test that is for sure..glad you made it through okay!

  4. When I got my first MRI, I had no idea how still I would have to be--they kept telling me that I was breathing too loud. Well, excuse me for breathing! I was also shocked by how noisy the machine sounds like once you are stuck in it trying to breathe quietly and not move a muscle. I don't recall having a panic button or I might have used it!

  5. Certainly not recommended for anyone who is really claustrophobic.