Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Early Morning, MRI Results

I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I woke up several times on my right side with that leg in pain up and down the entire thing.  Bending the knee hurt so I would roll over.  Then the left shoulder would hurt and I would try to find another place to sleep.  I can't seem to sleep on my back because straightening or bending the knee seems to hurt.  Sometimes it feels like I am trying to stretch something that doesn't want to be stretched.  So I did the only sensible thing and got up at 2:20 am.

Early morning in my house consists of my going downstairs and into our kitchen to make coffee and dragging out the HP computer and reading blogs and other interesting stuff until Mia gets up.  I try really hard not to make a lot of noise to disturb her.  Generally when she gets up and goes into the shower I start breakfast when I am home.  This morning I was home because I am working this coming Saturday.

Something I don't often do is turn on the television but this morning was different.  We have around a 150 channels on our basic cable so I started at the bottom and went to the top.  Most had infomercials about every possible product you could think of from pillows to gyms.  You have to wonder who is watching these at this time in the morning.  Oh wait, I was watching it.

I just had a phone consultation with my Doctor and the MRI results are back and it appears that I do indeed have a 2 - 3 cm tear in my rotator cuff causing the pain in my shoulder.  He suggested injection with Physical Therapy or just Physical Therapy.  It isn't that I am afraid of needles but I went with the Physical Therapy and no injection.

I see the Rumatologist on Thursday morning and hopefully he will have some answers for the knee and leg pain that is hobbling me to the point of not being able to walk at times.  When I get up I never know what it is going to feel like.  Today has been pretty good.  I just hope tonight is not another night like last night.  I need some sleep.

I sure understand the depression that comes with constant pain and the frustration that goes with finding a cure.

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  1. well at least they found out what one of the problems are!..hang in there..one day soon you will feel better!