Sunday, June 3, 2012


Mia is still sleeping so I made coffee and sat down to read the blogs that I follow.  I had time this morning so I decided to respond to several of them.  It was kind of nice to leave a remark.
I read Rick and Paulette's RV Travels and Rick was discussing another bloggers layout.  I went to the blog he mentioned,  Bob (How To Love Where You Are and EAt Where The Locals Eat) and discovered that I wasn't following him or several of the blogs that he follows.  I often look at other bloggers sites (especially ones I have just found) for new sites that I haven't looked at.  I continue to add some to my list of blogs that I follow.  I know find I have this really long list of blogs that I am following and wonder how the heck I will keep up with all the exciting adventures and make comments.  Just the few I added this morning gave me 44 new posts to read.
It is kind of nice to have nothing to do early on a Sunday morning.


  1. It sure doesn't take long to compile a long list of blogs to follow. Sundays seem like a perfect time to catch up on reading them too.

  2. You're going to have lots of blogger friends to meet up with once you retire!

  3. After a bit you will find some blogs that you will read everyday then a few not so much anymore, a natural transition.