Sunday, June 10, 2012

Interesting Weekend

After standing around at the walk yesterday my knee had some pain when I got home.  It seems to feel tight at times and gets really painful after I sit for sometime, like driving home from the walk.  I went in search of my discharge papers and found a letter from the Commanding Officer, U. S. Naval Air Station, Seattle, Washington dated 3 November 1964 essentially telling me that I deemed unfit to serve in the U. S. Naval due to physical qualification and by reason of chondromalacia, severe, symptomatic, bilateral.  Since I apparently was born with the condition and the service merely aggravated it, I was left with no benefits of any kind.  I have been reading up on this condition and it fits what is currently happening with my knee which now bodes the question, what the hell is going on with my shoulder?  I will pass this information on to the doctors but I will not be surprised to find out that it has nothing to do with what is currently happening inside my joints.

I went to the store with Mia this morning and when we returned home I sat down for a bit.  I get so tired of sitting even though I know it is the right thing to do until we find an answer.  I got up and finished a project I started a couple of weeks ago.  Mia purchased some wall lamps for our bedroom and wanted them installed.  I had started by installing hers but failed to finish putting mine up.  So this morning I did just that.
Start with a blank wall

Add a mounting plate

Install the lamp fixture

Find a green light bulb

Put on a lamp shade and test.

So I managed to finish that project, clean up and put away my tools before I started to feel like I should get off my leg.  I sat down, surfed the internet, watched a movie on Hulu and once again got tired of sitting.

I hooked Honey up to the long outside yard lease and went down into the garage.  I have been going to cut a 2x4 to use across the bed of my truck as a divider so stuff I put in the back of the bed doesn't end up all the way up in front of the bed.  Really no big deal.  Cut it to 58" and presto you have a divider.  I then packaged up some tools and equipment for our three day weekend in Gold Bar next week.

I have a fairly short week this week.  Working in the store Monday - Wednesday, meeting all day Thursday and off Friday.  Got to love vacation.  Oh, MRI is the 13th early in the morning.  Not sure when I will get the results.

Hope you have an excellent week.

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  1. Good job on the lamp installation...looks good.