Friday, June 8, 2012

Day Off

I have a lot of vacation to use up between now and next March so I have started to take a couple of Fridays off each month.  This is the first of 17 or so that will be spread over the next few months.  I haven't got anything planned since we have an engagement that we need to attend tomorrow afternoon.  I suspect today will be a nothing day because I have been up since 1:30 am this morning.

 I awoke with a lot of leg pain and an ankle that felt like it was on fire.  I got up and took a pain pill and tried to go back to bed but it didn't work so I got up.  I have several appointments scheduled over the next few weeks so the doctors can try to figure out what is causing all the aching and pain in my leg and shoulder.  I just hope they find out soon because pain is the most debilitating thing I have ever experienced.  It makes me tired, angry, depressed and short with people.  I don't like nor do I wish to be the person it wants me to be.

We attended the graduation of a friends daughter last night.  She is an amazing young person who persevered in spite of her circumstances.  Even though she isn't technically a relative she invited us to attend her graduation and I could not think of any place I would have rather been last night.

I have written about our societies disregard and lack of respect before and last night showed me some of the root causes.  As I have said, I tend to be early for all my engagements because that is the way I was brought up.  Respect the other persons time and be on time.  Last night our group was early and seated ready to listen to the speeches and watch the graduation.  Seven o'clock arrived and the assistant principle began the program.  Using a microphone he started to speak while several members of the audience continued to talk for a couple of minutes.  During some of the speeches I heard cell phones ringing.  People arrived late and walked past others who were already seated.  The late arrivals went on for almost fifteen minutes.   It is not wonder that kids today don't respect others or their time when their parents, guardians and friends show a total lack of respect for them by showing up late to their graduation.  I was shocked.   At my graduation the administration locked the door and if you were late, you were out.


  1. Being late shows a definite lack of respect for those that are waiting!!..hope you solve the leg and shoulder pain soon..take care and enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Hope you are able to find out what is causing that pain, and get some relief from it. I understand what you're saying about it making you feel different from the way you want to be. Agree with your observations at the graduation. We've noticed the same thing in similar situations. Times have certainly changed.

  3. AMEN -- you showed up late for my grad and it was too were locked out! Hope you find the source of the pain soon & get it stopped!

  4. I'm glad to hear they actually started the Grad on time. I hate it when I'm on time and an event delays the start to wait for the tardy folks.

    Hope you get the pain problem sorted out soon.