Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We're Back

We left home Monday morning and headed out for a short trip to a place with no phone service, not television and no internet.  Off the grid completely.  Thanks to our son for giving us an opportunity to enjoy a little peace and quiet with no electronic gizmos.

Our destination was the National Inn at Longmire, Washington which is part of the Mount Rainier National Park.  It is on the way to the Paradise side of the mountain.  Developed by James Longmire in the late 1800's as a Medical Springs it is now a National Historic Landmark.  During the early years of the part, Longmire was the headquarters of the facility.  The original administration building stands and the National Inn is a concessioner-operating hotel and restaurant that is open year round.

The Inn is basically rooms, some with attached and others with shared bathrooms or shower rooms.  We had a room with a private bath, but it is just that, a room.  Bed, dresser, a chair, and that is all the comforts you have.  There is a coffee maker, hair dryer but no television and internet access doesn't exist.  Phone service stops about the time you enter the park.

 There is a common room for those who like to socialize and play games or put puzzles together or just sit quietly next to a stone fire place with a bottle of wine and a good book.

 Our room was small but served the purpose.   Most of our time was spent in the common room.

We were early arriving at the park so we decided to drive up to Paradise to see how deep the snow was.  It was snowing as we approached the parking lot.  Snow is piled up but not nearly as much as I was expecting.

We stopped on the way back down for a selfie and I can tell you it was damned cold.
A little further down the road we stopped for a waterfall.

While it was cold and wintery we did enjoy it.  It did seem a little surreal after three days of beautiful weather in the Northwest to go up and find this only a couple of hours away.

We survived our little trip and had fun.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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