Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cousins and More Prep Work

Several years ago my dad mentioned that we had cousins in various places across the nation.  Having not listened during my earlier years these discussions came as somewhat of a surprise.  I have since had the pleasure of meeting many of my cousins from places like Wenatchee, Washington; Watertown, South Dakota and Lewiston, Idaho.  All of them have turned out to be very nice folks who openly accepted Mia and I.  We have since had many opportunities to meet with them and thoroughly enjoy their company.
One such occasion incurred last evening in Leavenworth, Washington were we met with cousins over dinner that we hadn't seen in some time.  Greeted with open arms it was an amazing evening trading stories and having a lot of laughs.  I went a majority of my life having no idea these folks existed and now I feel so blessed to know each one of them and their families.

We returned home after spending the night in an inn in Leavenworth with Knights.

While it was overcast we did not experience any rain.  We returned back to the trailer this morning to access some of the projects we need to get done our next trip up.  Looks like we'll have a couple of weeks later this month and into May.  Some of the projects include cleaning, hauling, chalking, painting and building a cover for the ugly tongue at the front of the trailer and creating a new concrete fire ring.  The shed pictured below will be getting a lot of attention during our next visit.                                              

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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