Friday, April 29, 2016

Overcast, Cold And Then More Rain

I got up yesterday with the temperature in the low forties.  It was a chilly, early morning walk with Honey.  After making breakfast I took the trailer down to the transfer station just outside Sultan and dumped the load.  I took several cans of old paint left in the shed that we poured kitty litter into so they would meet the requirements of disposal.  One can didn't pass inspection and I had to bring it home.  It was the fullest one and I don't think there was enough kitty litter in it to make it hard enough to pass.  I came back to the trailer and unhooked the trailer, loaded the car for Mia and she left for home.

While the day was dry, it continued to be cold.  I took Honey for her long morning walk through the park.  I wasn't getting any warmer as we walked.  The scenery was beautiful again.  So many are missing spring in the park.

I came back to the trailer and worked on the front box, getting it level and putting the three pieces together.  It was overcast and cold so I didn't drag out my saws to build more.  I decided to go in for lunch and except for walks I didn't go back outside again.

I have decided to run for the Board of Directors again, so I downloaded the application and worked to figure out how to make it a document I could fill in using the computer.  I had success and ended up with a type written application.  I was going to post a picture of the completed document but thought better of it in the end.

It started to rain last night around midnight and hasn't let up yet.  According to the weather device my daughter gave me we have had 1.7" of rain since midnight.  The temperature has gone up to nearly fifty but with the wet it feels significantly cooler.   The weather map shows clouds wandering through the area and indicates the rain should let up in and hour or so.  I suspect that I will have a tug of war with Honey on her morning walk.  I think she hates the rain more than I do.

That is all I've got.  Leading a pretty uneventful life here.  Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by

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