Thursday, April 28, 2016

Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

I got up and had breakfast and then took off down the road a few miles to the garbage transfer station.  I wasn't particularly surprised to find it closed but I did wish I had known before I made the drive down.  Apparently this transfer station is only open Thursday to Monday.  I will be making a quick trip down there this morning before Mia leaves.

Mia has meetings on Thursday evenings for a group that she belongs to so she will be taking our laundry and some retail returns of things we bought but don't need and heading home later this morning.  She has a big shopping list that should keep her pretty busy.  She will wait around until or grand daughters High School dismisses her and providing she doesn't get in trouble at home between now and about three tomorrow afternoon, she gets a ride to Gold Bar to spend some time with her grandparents.  I will return her home Sunday.

I was able to get out yesterday even though I believe I spoke too soon and the Gods are still not sure if they like me.  It continued to dribble all day yesterday.  I put my cut off saw under the makeshift tarp I put up for the smoker on Monday and I was able to cut and put together the frame part of the box for the front of the trailer.  The rains kept me from leveling, cleaning and screwing the pieces together.
This time of the year is so quiet in the park.  Very few people other than those who choose to live here are actually at their campsite.  The weekends tend to bring more but even that is light compared to further into the year when things warm up and the three day weekends arrive.  It is sad because they are missing out on so much.  Everything is greener having gotten a burst of refreshing, wet water from the record rainfall we had this past winter.  There are flowers growing and the ferns are amazing colors of green.  Then we have the rhododendrons that are just starting to bloom and depending on the lineage will continue to flower between now and the end of May.  The birds have made their springtime nests and you can hear them singing every morning.

Last night the Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey team won the final game of their series with the Kelowna Rockets sweeping them on the way to the WHL Championship series with a team yet to be determined.  All I can say is go Birds.
In other sports related news the Seattle Mariners are looking pretty good early in the season.  It is a long way to the end but there appears to be the start of something.  Of course, word came down yesterday that Nintendo is looking to offload their 55% stake in the club that they have owned since 1992 and Howard Lincoln, the Chairman and CEO, is leaving the team as soon as the sale is final.  Leadership change might be good for the team as Lincoln as been CEO for 17 years.  He has been with Nintendo and the team for over 30 years in various capacities.  Good luck in retirement.
Today looks kind of cloudy so I am not sure how much I will accomplish once Mia is gone.  I will have the dog to babysit and meals to fix so time will be limited for projects but I will try to get something done as long as the Gods cooperate.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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