Saturday, April 30, 2016

Things Are Looking Up

This mornings walk with Honey was a little chilly but not real bad.  There are blue skies over head amongst the clouds that continue to pass.  The forecast is for partly sunny weather today with full sun tomorrow and more rain heading into next week.  I hope to get many of the sunshine activities done in the next couple of days.

Mia returned in the evening yesterday with our granddaughter Emily, heretofore Em.  Em and I took the golf cart and went around to the different community advertising boards to post a 3"X5" card with an item we have been trying to get rid of since we bought this place.  There are two outbuildings on the lot and one is a shed that when we took ownership was completely finished with plaster board inside and was painted entirely black with a double florescent fixture hanging from the ceiling.  Except for a sofa bed it was complete devoid of furniture or anything else.  We quickly painted the interior white and added some shelves and started trying to unload the sofa bed.  Since there are few people in the park during the winter we only made a half ass attempt at posting it.  Yesterday we made a full on effort to post it all over the park.  It is free, all they have to do is haul it.  I certainly want no part of that, the damned thing is heavy.
The park is serving breakfast this morning so we (I'll) be going down to mix with the members and have a meal.  The menu:

                        Grand Slam Scramble                           Double Dipped Cinnamon
                            Hash Browns                         or                    French Toast
                            Toast                                                             Bacon or Sausage

You get a huge plate of food for $5.00 or you can opt for a smaller plate at $4.00.  Needless to say, there is nowhere locally that you can go for this much food this cheap.  The difference between a small and large is very slight.  We always tend to go with the small.  It starts at 8:00 am and I am usually one of the first in line.  The girls (Mia and Em) have made no movements that would indicate they plan to get up anytime soon so I will likely be going alone.  I'll get them a small French Toast to go and bring it back if they don't rise and shine soon.

It rained again last night and kind of squelched our plans to have a fire.  I am hoping to fire up the new fire pit tonight.  Mia brought a bag of white rock that we will distribute around the base of the ring today.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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