Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Is Leaving

Last year at this time, we were spending our last days in Picacho, Arizona.  In some ways I kind of miss the travel trailer and in others, I don't.  It is a lot of work to travel in the trailer and I am not so sure that it is any less expensive that hitting cheap hotels.  The cost of RV parks is pretty high and the addition fuel costs along with maintenance, insurance and initial cost of the unit weighed against the cost of a vehicle that gets better miles per gallon, less insurance and someone else cleaning up after you and I have the feeling you come out pretty even if you watch yourself.

We have been getting our wellness checks done along with a couple of ugly procedures that seem to pop up every five years or so.  With all of this stuff done we are going to start spending some time wandering around Washington state.  First trip is an overnighter given to us by our son for a stay at a lodge just inside the Mt Rainier National Park at Longmire.  We have never stayed in a lodge and we are looking forward to it.  There will be other overnight trips in the future and we are planning one trip up into the Canadian Rockies via Glacier National Park.  At first my reasons for going to Glacier included a road trip to Polebridge for one of my favorite treats, huckleberry bear claws but the Polebridge Mercantile has opened a store in Whitefish, Montana so there is not longer any reason to go off roading to get my treat.
With all of the physical checks done we are free to start getting some stuff done.  I have several projects in the works.  A coat rack for the new trailer.  It will be okay but it isn't my finest work.
Another one is a three dimensional "Welcome Bear".  You have seen the chain saw carved bears and this will look similar when done just not as expensive.
I have work to do around the trailer and lot that we purchased last year.  Currently the furnace is being replaced by our local RV repair shop so we should be up and running pretty soon.  We have spent a couple of rainy weeks up there this past winter and it was kind of fun, dreary but fun.

I am looking forward to getting my smokers up and running.  I have a brand new one for home and another one for the lot at Gold Bar so no matter where I am, there is going to be smoking.

Just wanted to catch up and let everyone know we are still here and kicking.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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