Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sometimes You Have Fun By Accident

We left home Wednesday to drive up to Mt. Vernon, Washington in part to visit the Tulip Festival that neither of us ever attended.  We have lived in the state within an hour and a half drive for over sixty years and never attended this annual Skagit County festival.  We had decided to tie the visit with my step moms birthday so we could take her to lunch and visit the tulips.  Things didn't quite work out with regard to the tulips.  Seems the weather conditions brought the tulips early and unfortunately they were done early as well.  Normally they would lasted thru April.  We did have an opportunity to visit a tulip garden, RoozenGaarde, a wonderful stroll thru the tulips.

After we took my step mom home we headed to another local town, La Conner, Washington.  Kind of a tourist trap but we hadn't been there for many years so we decided to spend the night at Katy's Bed and Breakfast.  I am certainly glad we did.  We had a great room with a private entrance to the front yard so we didn't disturb the other guest when we had to take Honey out.  Honey was absolutely the best during our visit.  She only got going once when another guest's car alarm went off.
We went to town and visited the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum.  Honey and I waited in the car while Mia wandered through three stories of fabrics.
Then we visited the Wood Merchant who has just about anything you could possible want made from wood.  Exceptional artisans bring him very beautiful wood pieces.  These folks know how to work with wood.  Sorry, no pictures allowed.

We had dinner downtown and retired to our room for the night.  When we were in Mt. Vernon earlier in the day, we had lunch at the Calico Cupboard and did this bakery every have the really good pastries.  Well there is one in La Conner and after my morning walk with Honey, I wandered downtown to pickup a few goodies to take home.

On my way back to the room I admired many of the homes along the way.  The details and workmanship is excellent.  There is some eccentricity among the classics.

I posted a picture of the box of rolls that I got on Facebook and got a message from my cousin that she and her friend we in La Conner for breakfast.  We made a point of meeting up.  It is amazing to have cousins but more amazing to meet up with them by surprise and with the help of Facebook.  Had a great visit with cousin Cathy and her friend Jill.

I can't remember a better trip.  So much fun with family.

We are off to the trailer for a couple of weeks.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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